"The Pungent Parlour" Tuesday February 19th at 8:30pm at Black Rock Pub in Roscoe Village


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The Pungent Parlour opens its doors to Fiction, Essay, and Experimentation

January 15th, CHICAGO, IL— The Pungent Parlour is a new monthly reading series hosted by Chicago writers Jeff Phillips and Jeremy Solomon, and will feature a rotating cast of six-to-seven writers presenting short pieces of Fiction and Essay. Held at Black Rock Pub in Roscoe Village, the inaugural show kicks off February 19th at 8:30pm. Readers include other Chicago writers; Scott Barrons, Adam Guerino, Rachel Blau, and Gold Carrico.

Phillips (the now dissolved XIII Pocket, Three Leaves Theatre) brings a strong theatre background and Solomon (former Rye Bread Radio Podcast co-host and producer) comes by way of improv and stand-up to serve as producers as well as hosts. Both Phillips and Solomon were regulars at the Liquid Burning of Apocalyptic Bard Letters readings, and continue to be active with various Wood Sugars Comedy shows. Together they seek to bring something a little different to an emerged Live Lit scene.

"Live lit has been around a long time," says Phillips, "but it's really picked up steam in the past year. People are familiar through NPR and events like the Moth Story Slam, but that's just one avenue. Chicago has been a major hub, and we want to add to that." But where shows like The Moth feature largely unscripted, relatively spontaneously concocted stories, and others — like Chicago-centric Essay Fiesta —feature performers reading off a well-polished personal essay, Phillips and Solomon wanted something bridging the two.

"People come to these shows for a variety of reasons," says Solomon. "Live lit much of the time means personal essays. They can be very touching, downright hilarious, or both, but most of it isn't literature in the sense of being fiction. That's not a knock, we just want both forms to be alive. Which is why we're creating a place where both are presented in the same show. Fiction, just by using the word, allows the writer to explore things in a different way. We want to foster experimentation."

The show format draws on elements of a salon, set in a space that features couches and even a fireplace, and readers and audience are encouraged to interact before and after the show.

"As an audience member you want to see a great show," says Phillips. "And as a writer, you like to have a great audience. It can be a real boon to interact outside of the performance."

As for the name Pungent Parlour, Phillips confesses he and Solomon are fond of wordplay. "What writer isn't, right?" says Solomon. "This is meant to be a place with an atmosphere, an aroma, plus 'pun' is built into 'pungent.' And couches, man, we've got couches...and a fireplace!"

There is no charge to attend the show. Beers can be had for as little as three dollars.

The Pungent Parlor opens its doors Tuesday, February 19th, and is held the third Tuesday of every month. Showtime is 8:30pm, in the back room of the Black Rock Pub, 3614 N. Damen. You can always arrive early for a drink.


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