Readers' Choice: Top Books of 2012

I asked followers of the blog on Friday what their favorite books of 2012 are, and I was happy to get a lot of wonderful responses.

Reader Greg Baldino responded to the Facebook page by saying his favorite book of 2012 was Ellis Avery's The Last Nude, a historical fiction piece based on art deco painter Tamara de Lempicka and the unknown model who served as her muse.

Mairead Case also responded to the Facebook post by saying her favorite was Sheila Heti's, How A Person Should Be? A Novel From Life. Heti's book is a "genre-defying" novel detailing love, sex and relationships in the new millennium.

One reader, "Aquinas Wired", responded to the blog post by bringing up fellow "Chicago Now" blogger and Sun-Times columnist, David Byrne's new book, Madness: The War of 1812, a thrilling account of the war of 1812 told from the perspective of the men and women who fought in the war when our country was still young.

Cassie Sheets (who will be profiled later this week due to her affiliation with The 'F' Word zine, a supplementary digest to her feminist forum) was very passionate about the book, Heroines by Kate Zambreno. Zambreno wrote the book after starting the blog, "Frances Farmer Is My Sister", about her fascination with the so often misunderstood actress from the golden age of Hollywood.

Tara Kusumoto is a big fan of Karolina Waclawiak's, How to Get Into the Twin Palms. She says, "It captures a need to belong that we see across cultures and generations and genders. Karolina has an unbelievable knack for stripping away the B.S. of relationships and zeroing in on the core of us as people, the core of how we interact in our relationships... what really makes us tick, the power plays, the actions both planned and unavoidable, the curiosity, the unknown, the expectations, the false hope."

Thank you everyone for taking part in the symposium! I'll have to read these great books you've referenced.


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