Dan Shapiro: The Man, The Myth & The Open Mic

Dan Shapiro: The Man, The Myth & The Open Mic

I've had the opportunity to witness many incredible things in my young life: the first African-American being elected president, NASA exploring Mars, the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II... but all these seem insignificant when compared to being present at the birth of Dan Shapiro's career one magical Wednesday evening in September 2010, when Columbia College Chicago's "Silver Tongue" reading series merged with Robbie Q. Telfer's "The Encyclopedia Show" over their mutual affinity for bears.

That was the night I first encountered true greatness. Dan Shapiro, a student of TV production at my venerable alma mater, took the stage in one of the most exquisite (nay, divine?) awkward, stuttering and most importantly--passionate--displays of his love of "The Monsters of the Midway": the Chicago Bears. That night a legend was born. I laughed until I cried, I cried until I laughed... my stomach hurt from laughing... it was amazing.

From that night onward, Dan Shapiro's career has evolved in a myriad of ways. He was welcomed into the "Silver Tongue" family like a prodigal son and made every reading he performed at, far greater. Alas, my college days came to pass as did Dan's and I feared I would never hear of his legendary performances again...

However, it was Mason Johnson--a Columbia College Chicago alumni and CBS content writer--who took it upon himself to urge Dan to create, "Dan Shapiro's Rigged Open Mic". This simple act has saved the city from the mundane and offered laughter and incomprehensible joy to many-a-Chicagoan. Mason Johnson had this to say about the reading series:

"Dan’s show is notable not only because of how funny it is (there’s plenty of funny shows in this city), but also because of how unique it is. Other shows don’t quite shed the common sense of what “is” and “isn’t” popular in comedy like Dan’s show. Dan and his performers go against form, and it’s nice."

You can see for yourself just how incredible the reading series is and how it will change your life when you attend "Dan Shapiro's Rigged Open Mic" this Sunday, December 9th at Cole's Bar in Logan Square. If you miss this installment--not to fear--the magic happens the second Sunday of every month. Dan does all kinds of things, but most of all... he creates magic.

"Dan Shapiro's Rigged Open Mic"

8:30PM Cole's Bar

Logan Square

2338 N. Milwaukee Ave.

(Johnson, Mason "Cure for Boredom: December's Events", December 5, 2012, CBS.com)

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