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Chicago Teachers Union: The ultimate special interest

On Monday the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) announced a “comprehensive and aggressive political action campaign” to oust Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, his school board appointees, and members of the city council with whom the union disagrees. The move comes weeks after the Chicago Public Schools announced plans to close up to 61 school buildings and transfer students... Read more »

CTU Strike Ends...And You Had No Say In Any Of It

Just remember as word of the CTU’s House of Delegates’ decision to end the strike breaks: You had no vote in any of this. No student had a vote. No parent had a vote. No elected official had a vote. Only the members of the private organization called the Chicago Teachers Union had a vote... Read more »

10 Things You Didn't Know About The Chicago Teachers Union

10 Things You Didn't Know About The Chicago Teachers Union
As the Chicago Teachers Union strike persists into a second week and Mayor Emanuel seeks an injunction to get teachers back into classrooms, the discussion over Chicago’s schools continues. What’s missing from the general discussion is whether Chicago students would be better served with or without the Chicago Teachers Union. Below are ten rarely-mentioned facts... Read more »

I disagree with the union, but love teachers.

I was discussing the teachers’ strike with a friend this morning after breakfast. After covering some of the issues at play she said,  “Criticizing teachers can be hard to do.” That’s true, and rightfully so. I’ve had great teachers, people whom I admire and even love for what they’ve done in my life. I have... Read more »