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Facts about Chicago teachers' pensions

As the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) continues to mobilize a political effort to takeover Chicago’s government, the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund (CTPF) continues to run dry from neglect and unrealistic expectations. According to a recent analysis by the Illinois Policy Institute, the CTPF’s five-year investment return has been exactly 0 percent. This is bad news for... Read more »

Chicago Teachers Union: The ultimate special interest

On Monday the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) announced a “comprehensive and aggressive political action campaign” to oust Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, his school board appointees, and members of the city council with whom the union disagrees. The move comes weeks after the Chicago Public Schools announced plans to close up to 61 school buildings and transfer students... Read more »

Comparing apples to apples in Chicago's charter schools

Amid the Chicago Teachers Union’s demands during this week’s strike, there is a quieter but no less important discussion occurring. Chicago’s parents, activists, journalists, and regular citizens are discussing the performance of traditional public schools compared to the performance of charter public schools. Charter schools are operated by many different private nonprofits. Where the private... Read more »

More cameras, more problems

More cameras, more problems
Yesterday, Governor Quinn signed legislation that will permit the City of Chicago to decide whether to install traffic cameras around schools and parks. At the signing ceremony, the governor said, “If you save even one life, you are saving the whole world.” Mayor Emanuel is also keen on more cameras, having asked for this authority... Read more »

Do you practice Grannynomics?

Last week the Daily Caller–Tucker Carlson's news website–published a piece I wrote comparing President Obama's latest industrial policy to the ideas of an activist on our city's south side. Naomi Davis calls her ideas "Grannynomics," based on the way in which her grandmother lived. She preaches self-sufficiency in a green, local economy. I admire Ms. Davis's interest and energy in her community. But I am concerned the president is promoting similar ideas on a national scale. Take a look at the piece, which I've copied in its entirety below. And please let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments...