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Time to reform Chicago's awful food truck rules

Time to reform Chicago's awful food truck rules
Chicago bills itself as a culinary epicenter. That our city is home to modern culinary giants such as Rick Bayless, Grant Achatz, and Charlie Trotter lends a lot of weight to this claim. But Chicago’s food scene lags far behind Los Angeles, New York, and other cities in one important way: food trucks. Chicago city... Read more »

Do you practice Grannynomics?

Last week the Daily Caller–Tucker Carlson's news website–published a piece I wrote comparing President Obama's latest industrial policy to the ideas of an activist on our city's south side. Naomi Davis calls her ideas "Grannynomics," based on the way in which her grandmother lived. She preaches self-sufficiency in a green, local economy. I admire Ms. Davis's interest and energy in her community. But I am concerned the president is promoting similar ideas on a national scale. Take a look at the piece, which I've copied in its entirety below. And please let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments...

Free markets foster peace

Free markets foster peace
Be skeptical of that statement, I implore you. But consider with an open mind what University of Chicago economist and Nobel Prize-winner Milton Friedman said about the virtue of a system in which individuals are free to buy and sell what their fellows–in their neighborhood or across the world–have to offer: “The great virtue of... Read more »
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