World Cup madness: A brief interview with The Globe

World Cup madness: A brief interview with The Globe

The popularity of this 2014 World Cup has me mystified. Seriously, who woulda thunk ESPN would be boasting about their record setting ratings right now. For Soccer. Not American Football. Bananas.

I’ll take it though! If I had to suffer through a summer with the lackluster Cubs and the mediocre Sox, I’d start playing strip-Jax to pass the time. (I got twosies, now show me your knucklebone!)

So, where does one congregate with other hooligans to watch these matches? One word, The Globe.

Well, The Globe Pub to be proper. Located on Irving Park, the Globe has been getting soccer fans sloshed for years. Oh, and guess what? My little bar is right down the street! Who’s been getting the World Cup runoff when they’re at capacity? This bitch. (Thanks Matt).

Getting their spillover is great but what’s even better is the people who serve libations to the futbol populace. My buddy, Pattrick, a manager at Globe and the lovely bartendress, Susan, gave me an insight to how their constant, at capacity workplace has been:

How are the emotions of a loss for patrons of a losing country compared to, say, a Fire game or a Bears game?

Susan- It's heartbreakingly unreal. When a country who is not recognized as being, let's say, a military powerhouse like the US, Russia and Germany get an opportunity to "beat" them it's beyond exciting. Soccer is also the most popular sport in all countries, minus us. Everyone plays so everyone can relate.

As soccer or futbol fans, is it difficult not being able to pay close attention to games while waiting on hooligans?

Pattrick- I am committed to working hard and being a good employee but when the USA are in on goal in the World Cup, (The US are in on goal in the WORLD CUP!!) yea, no one is getting a drink right now.

What has been your most popular game thus far?

Susan- The first USA game with Dempsey scoring :37 into the match was wild! I hate that guy and was glad he got his nose broken later in the game but hey, we won! I've never seen a bar erupt like that for any sport. Even last year when we won the Stanley Cup, it wasn't that loud. Crazy. Go Hawks, btw.

What are a few of your favorite chants/songs for country?

Pattrick- When I was in Mexico City for the USA v Mexico, World Cup qualifier, we sang “Tequila” after the “Nananananana,” part your shout U, then S, A! If this is your first World Cup game, zip it because I’m watching the game, penis

What beer/beverage has been the most popular choice?

Pattrick- Estrella is our top seller but I love to see how each country's culture drinks differently. Well, at least I’m getting drunk on different things each day!

What’s the best part of the World Cup (besides the loot)?

Susan-Working with your best friends and getting shit-housed with them for 30 days straight.

The worst?

Pattrick- SLEEP… I want sleep. I’d sleep with you if you had a nice pillow.

Foreigners have the unfortunate stigma of being stingy when it comes to tipping, are they owning up or have you been pleasantly surprised?

Susan- AUTOGRAT (Automatic 18% gratuity) BABY!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! And it's awesome when the don't notice and double tip. Suckas! Kidding, for the most part it's been quantity over quality so it works out. Everyone has been in a great mood which helps. We are all here for a reason: soccer.

Has it been difficult not to punch someone in the face? How are you coping with the stress?

Susan- Whiskey helps. Powers in particular. Well, I've been delirious for 2 weeks now, lots of coffee, drugs to help sleep and stay awake, you know. It's been an experience. I've gotten a little mouthy towards some people but hey, I'm your bartender. You want a beer don't be a dick to me.

Now that you’re cash-money-millionaires, do you plan on makin’ it rain in Chi-tizzle or are you vacationing elsewhere when the Cup ends and you get a break?

Susan- I'm getting the eff outta America. Canada for a week, Europe for a few weeks. Ireland is playing Scotland in Glasgow for a qualifying match in November and I will be there. Gonna be cray!

Pattrick- The money could be better but you can't spend money when you work all day! Yes, travel. Also, there are some away Fire games calling my name and I hear Canada is nice this time a year!

The World Cup has been great thus far. Money aside, it's inspiring to see fans get together from around the world and display their  pride. It's also fantastic to see our very own Grant Park (soon to be Soldier Field) on display when the US scores. Hooray for soccer! And God bless the US.


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