What not to do on Facebook

What not to do on Facebook

Like the average, modern day human being, I scroll through the majestic book of face about thirty-seven times a day. It’s my top choice for internet distraction, for sure. That being said, I am overwhelmed with the ever-growing boobery that takes place on that platform. I feel Facebook has been heading down a slippery slope of idiotic behavior. It's becoming an epidemic and I’m not liking any of it.

Am I alone here, or do people think it’s appropriate to post a picture of an open wound for all to see? So, you got a boo-boo today, do you want people to “like” that? The same goes for images of sad puppies and children in impoverished countries. Let’s be honest, we are all guilty of changing the channel as soon as we catch a glimpse of Sarah McLachlan, and Facebook is no different. How about instead of commenting on how cruel and awful this world can be, it may be useful to, I dunno, find a reputable website and contribute to the cause. In fact, here are some ads that strengthen my point. Nobody likes a buzz kill. Next, don’t poke the bear.

I’m not sure why some people feel their comments are impervious to human emotion but my goodness, being a perfect asshole has become an art on Facebook. Ok, tough stuff. Would you say these hurtful things if the person you disagree with was sitting at a bar stool next to you? Probably not because that stool would end up cracking the back of your noodle. I get it though, I have done it in the past. It’s not an easy thing to quell your opinions on subjects you disagree with. I’m just sayin’ all social media sites would benefit if everyone would abide by the old adage,“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” It’s easy to talk a big game when you’re behind a keyboard. Whats say you stop being a penis, ey?

One last thing, photo over sharing is becoming a thing. I don’t need to see a selfie of you in a car every morning while you're stuck in traffic. Honestly, I love a good selfie as much as the next vain bitch, but moderation is a key ingredient to this photo phenomenon. Oh, and ease up, maw and paw. Your baby is super adorable but it’s the internet and there are perverts everywhere. You never know what scum is lurking. Be careful.

I certainly don’t think my menial opinion will change everyone’s social media habits. It would just be nice to see everyone lighten up a bit. No need to get hot over an issue that, ultimately, your opinion doesn’t really matter in and heck, we all know that life isn’t fair. Daily reminders are unnecessary. Make light of social media and do what I do. Poke gentle fun at celebrities and athletes. Those jerks make so much money they deserve to be brought back down to Earth. Ammi right? Cheers and happy Facebooking, all.

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