David Fincher in early talks to direct Steve Jobs biopic

David Fincher in early talks to direct Steve Jobs biopic

Awwwww, yea! Another Steve Jobs movie is on the way.

I had heard news well over a year ago that Aaron Sorkin had a biopic in the works but it was untitled and without a director. Although it remains without a title, it seems like the tides have turned and David Fincher is in the works to direct. The two teamed up and had great success in creating, The Social Network, the infamous story of deceit and awkward, nerd power. Um, I’ll take another movie of this caliber all day, my friends.

So, along with myself, some of you may be wondering how will this differ from the two-hour indie biopic, jOBS, that premiered last August. Well, for starters, it will be Ashton Kutcher free! Hey-O!

Seriously though, the interwebs have told me Sorkin’s biopic will be based on Walter Isaacson’s semi-official biography. Apparently, Isaacson had forty or so interviews with Jobs, along with a slew of interviews with his family, friends and colleagues. Although Issacson’s work has been dubbed a “semi-official” biography, he seems to have the most information on the core of the iconic Apple founder. Also, I have read that Sorkin is breaking down the movie in three parts based on speeches Jobs gave introducing the Mac, NeXT and the first iPOD.

It’s safe to assume that Apple, as well as, film enthusiasts are thrilled by this news. I know I am. The movie, jOBS failed to rise above mediocrity in terms of critical reviews by journalists and viewers alike.

Steve Jobs was far from a mediocre man and he deserves the superpowers both Sorkin and Fincher possess when working together. Let’s hope this becomes a done deal.

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