Five movies to get you into the Thanksgiving spirit

Five movies to get you into the Thanksgiving spirit

Like most adults, Thanksgiving has become one of my favorite holidays. You can catch a buzz the night before, marinate on the couch all day, eat fabulous food and share after dinner farts with loved ones. It’s also a fabulous time to catch some quality time with the boob tube.

If football isn’t for you and you’d like to catch a few Thanksgiving inspired flicks instead, here are five good ones that will keep you entertained while you gobble-gobble down food! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Pieces of April (2003) - Before Katie Holmes descended into lunacy by marrying Cruise-butt, she starred in this charming indie. April (Holmes) invites her estranged suburban family to her small and equally shitty NYC apartment for Thanksgiving. There are, of course, several subplots along the way that are touching and real which makes this an indie winner in my book.

Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) - Woody Allen, the original hipster (before wearing thick glasses and being neurotic was in), made this award winner. Set around a two year period and the Thanksgiving holiday, this film explores affairs, drama and a touch of comedy to keep it light. It makes me want to be hang out and have a drink with this complex family but also makes me super happy I grew up with two brothers.

Scent of a Woman (1992) - Al Pacino won an Oscar depicting, Frank Slade, a blind retired army colonel. His performance had been regarded by critics as the driving force of this coming of age film. Slade hires a college student named, Charlie (Chris O’Donnell) to take care of him over Thanksgiving weekend. Some call the ending predictable but it’s a lovely story nonetheless. Hooah!

Dutch (1991) - Ed O’Neill and a young, husky Ethan Embry at their finest! The story revolves around a blue collar man named, Dutch (O’Neill) and a snobby prep school teen, Doyle (Embry). Dutch, being romantically involved with Doyle’s mother, agrees to pick him up from school and take him home for Thanksgiving. In this light-hearted comedy Doyle learns unconventionally, a little more about life. Quarreling opposites who eventually bond via a road trip has been done but this one is a fun ride. Oh, and it was written by John Hughes, so you know it’s a good one.

Hughes must have loved Thanksgiving and writing about road trips! Steve Martin and John Candy act in probably his most noteworthy comedy. Drum roll please…

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1986) - This is a critically acclaimed buddy comedy with touching twist at the end. The effervescent Del Griffith (Candy) attempts to get stern Neal Page (Steve Martin) from NYC to Chicago. My dad introduced me to this movie when I was maybe seven years old and I’ve made it a yearly tradition ever since. There’s about a thousand memorable moments in this movie, but seeing an exhausted Neal Page verbally destroy the woman behind a rental car desk with a bouquet of f*cks is my favorite. No question. If you haven’t seen this movie what are you waiting for!

Did I miss one of your favorites? Tell me about it. I hope all of you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Cheers.

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