If you find the hashtag obnoxious, don't hate it, embrace it

If you find the hashtag obnoxious, don't hate it, embrace it

You’d have to be a blind hobo to be unaware of the hashtag explosion that’s changed the way people discuss television, movies, food, politics, etc. From indie films to fast food chains, hashtags have been created for people to connect amongst the Twittersphere. Even Facebook and Google+ have jumped on the bandwagon. That being said, it’s safe to say the hashtag is a huge deal, as well as, marketing genius. #KaBoom.

Chris Messina (not to be confused with the hot-lipped actor) invented the hashtag in 2007. Twitter fanatics, like me, want to high-five this glorious man, while others would like to knock the glasses clean off of his face. What can I say; some people are just not leaping on to this train.

I believe this is mainly due to the overwhelming presence and lack of understanding. I often hear from the haters, “Well, I don’t Tweet,” in a holier-than-thou tone of voice. That’s cool, man. It’s not for everyone, but the hashtag isn’t the enigma you think it is. It’s simply a way to group conversations on Twitter.

Example: If you’re a Dr. Who fan and you’d like to discuss and share your ideas about different episodes with other fans all over the globe, you just have to add a simple, #DrWho at the end of your thought. Voila!

Not a difficult concept, right? Like most trends though, I totally get how it can be super obnoxious.

Hashtags are EVERYWHERE. I’ll play devil’s advocate and agree with the haters that sometimes it’s just too much. Fast food chains are notorious for hashtagging the shit out of everything. When I eat fast food I’m usually hungover with the curtains drawn. I don’t want to Instagram my shame and share my experience with millions of others. Seriously, shut the hell up, Subway. Stop telling me to shove your new preserved meat concoction in my face! Maybe I wan t to #eatfresh somewhere else.

Also, there are sardonic goobers like me that actually vocalize the word “hashtag” into everyday conversation. If something doesn’t go my way I’ll actually say, “Hashtag frowny face,” amongst several other idiotic things. I do this while gesturing the hashtag with both arms, too. I’m definitely not alone here. You know who you are. I do wonder why I haven’t been punched for this yet.

Overall I really do think this is one trend that is here to stay. You might as well embrace it as a piece of our culture and have some fun with it! You don’t have to tweet to appreciate and wield the power of the hashtag! Ok, maybe that was a bit much. #DontJudgeMe.

Still mystified? Click here for more info on how the hashtag came to be and how to use it.


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