The Carrie coffee shop prank is marketing genius

Have you seen this video prank that promotes the new Carrie movie? If you haven’t, do it. It has been spreading like wildfire! It’s clever, hilarious and probably one of the most amazing pieces of movie marketing I have ever seen.

I remember back in 2008 when Forgetting Sarah Marshall was on the brink of release. Billboards all over our fine city read in large black letters, “Who is Sarah Marshall?” Which, at the time, I thought was a cheesy ploy for what was probably going to be a shit movie. Boy was I wrong. Not only did that movie kick so much ass, but in hindsight it was kind of a brilliant marketing technique. Intrigue prompted people to visit the movie’s website and it had a huge opening weekend. Spectacular.

Unfortunately for most indie filmmakers the budget is small for marketing so countrywide billboards are out of the question. However, a well made short video promotion is something that can be achieved. I mean, don’t copy the damn thing, but if you were talented enough to make a movie you can definitely create something clever that showcases your work and put it on YouTube.

Don’t forget after you slap it on the ‘ol Y-Tube to promote the hell out of it via various social media outlets. Not just Facebook, silly pants. If you don’t have  Twitter, StumbleUpon and Reddit accounts, get to steppin’. Stay strong indie artist. Success can be achieved!

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