Brevity is the New Black: The Vine App

Brevity is the New Black: The Vine App

Just when you think you’re ahead of the digital media game, here comes the new Twitter app, Vine. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Vine allows you to take six-second videos and share them with your friends. It has been described as basically what Instagram is to pictures, but using video. Apparently brevity is the new black.

Perusing for more information about this newfangled app, I discovered that the Tribeca Film Festival is actually doing a Vine contest for amateur filmmakers to display their creativity. I watched a few of them, very cool! Kudos to the filmmakers, six-seconds is not a lot of time to showcase yourself. So who else is hip to this jive?

As well as being used for an artistic outlet, it has already caused a marketing boom for companies such as Dove and Bacardi. Companies finding original ways to sell you shit will always be prevalent. We all know this.

Film studios have leapt onto the bandwagon, too. There are now previews for a film trailer labeled, “teasers.” Essentially, this means trailers for movies now have six-second previews of the trailer before the trailer debuts. I think my head just exploded.

I am dying to try this. No shame whatsoever. I’m going to bug the shit out of my friends with videos of me flipping them the bird and trying to capture farts in Mason jars. Who wouldn't? Although, I’m slightly pissy that I have to wait to pester my friends because Vine is only for iOS systems at the moment. Alas, I must quell my inner artist and wait until Android becomes privy to this innovation. I’m not terribly concerned though, an app this hot has got to be catching on like wildfire. Brace yourself, World. This is going to be huge.

Have you used Vine? Tell me what you think; I’d love to hear more about it!

Here are the finalists for the Tribeca Vine contest:



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  • Pissy and privy in consecutive sentences. How fortuitous!

  • Haha! How fortuitous indeed. :)

  • Brevity and myself have never been the best of pals. 6 seconds...hmmm. Maybe all the people who think their kids' antics on my Facebook feed will switch to it. That would be a positive!

  • A friend of mine in Seattle has been having fun with it--really nice glimpses of her spring garden, and sunlight on water, pebbles in a stream....

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