Why Does the HBO Series, Girls Turn Men into Boys?

Why Does the HBO Series, Girls Turn Men into Boys?

The critically acclaimed HBO series Girls is well into the second season and shows no signs of slowing down, which is well deserved and awesome. I enjoy watching the tomfoolery of the characters experimenting with drugs, boys, jobs and roommates. It makes me feel better about some of the hijinks I used to get myself into in my early twenties. Like that one time I took a mystery pill at the sushi restaurant I used to work at. I was twenty-two and yes, I just said that.

It was the end of the night and my boss, his friends and their Asian prostitutes invited me to stay and hang out. We took drugs and after my fifth or eighth shot of sake with Jasmine (one of the hookers, we bonded) I decided to call it a night…cut to me prancing around Welles Park with my roommate’s dog at 3am. In my stupor I decided it would be a great idea to drop anchor and pee next to him on one of the baseball diamonds. “We’re the same, man. We’re all connected,” I thought. I wish this story was fabricated, sadly it is not. Having this ridiculous tale, as well as several others, under my belt is why I like the show. I can relate to doing stupid shit.

The content of Girls is significant (I think) for both men and women ages eighteen and up because most of us have all been there and done that. Most women love it, but what about guys? Gay men aside, the majority of heterosexual men I ask about Girls or try to talk about it with haven’t seen the show, and don’t plan on ever seeing it. What do guys have against Girls? Is it the title? Is it because it’s on HBO? Are you threatened? Hot dog, we have a wiener!

Men won’t openly say they’re threatened by Girls. Instead they use Lena Dunham’s character Hannah Horvath as a scapegoat. Dunham has no problem getting naked in front of the camera, and as director (and creator) she also doesn’t seem to mind putting herself into awkward sexual situations. Almost every man I’ve spoken to about this has something disparaging to say about Dunham’s figure. I know we can all be dicks sometimes but you have to admit it takes balls to put yourself out there like that, and in HD no less! Her figure is perfectly fine. I can say that because I recently saw on the internet (don’t ask me why) a picture of naked Roseanne spread eagle and grinning. You can’t un-see that. Also, when did it become ok for average Joes to climb the judgment pedestal? Women who look just like Dunham are having tons of sex all over the world, guys. Grow up. It’s also safe to say that they’ve had sex with women who look just like her. You don’t always land a super model. The jig is up.

I really wish more men would give it a shot and stop judging the show because Dunham’s character likes to do naked jumping jacks and eat Cool Whip out of the container. It won tons of awards, Golden Globes included, for a reason. The show isn’t going anywhere, so join the club. You don’t want to be that one asshole do you? Ok, I’m done. I’m gonna go eat some Fig Newtons.

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