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Photos of storm, Sunday July 1st

Kayak capsizes on Chicago River, July 1st 2012

Full story:,0,3267048.story

Chicago from a cool perspective


Barge full of fireworks on the way to Navy Pier

My photos of the sunset and Blackhawk helicopters around Chicago 4/16/12

Big storm photo

Here’s a shot of the storm that came in earlier this evening

WLUP 2011 Loop Rock Girl Top 30 Finalists

WLUP 2011 Loop Rock Girl Top 30 Finalists
The top 30 finalists for the 2011 $75,000 Loop Rock girl search.  The winner will be announced Friday May 13, 2011 at Austin’s Saloon in Libertyville. You can vote every day online at

Q101 Token Hotties

Sherman and Tingle from Q101’s morning show have a monthly contest for their official Token Hottie. Here are some of the last few Token Hotties that I have photographed. To vote for next month’s hottie or to submit your photos to become one, visit their web site:

New Photos of Playboy's Ana Georgean


Hair Wars Tour 2011 Part 1 (AZ)

Hair Wars, The Supreme Salon Tour is back on for 2011. The first branch of the competition was in Scottsdale Arizona in January. Ten salons competed for the title. Below are some images from that event. The next Hair Wars event will take place April 17th at Enclave Nightclub.