Lincoln Park's hot spot; Wrightwood Park

Wrightwood Park

Neighborhood: Lincoln Park, 2534 N. Greenview Ave./Transit: Ashland & Wrightwood (#9 Bus)

8 Hoops---Grade: B / 2 Courts----Grade A- / Competition--- Grade B

Within a primetime location, Wrightwood Park is a suburb area to play some competitive basketball with a group of friends or other basketball players. Not only does it seem that someone is always playing there  on a sunny afternoon, but there are also other fans of the park that are enjoying the sand volleyball court and baseball field.

The park consists of two courts located side by side of each other and each court has four hoops making it a total of eight hoops to shoot at. For the most part, it seems as if only one court is being used for a full pick-up game at a time, so there can be openings to just shoot around on occasion. The hoops are in decent condition but still do the trick; once in a while the ball will strike off the rim and make a rattling noise.

The hoops that are used for pick-up games have good quality netting but some of the ones of the sides do need to have nets put up. For the court, I am really big fan of it because it does come with a three point line unlike some of the other courts I have seen---however the lines aren’t as visible as they should be so when someone makes a three pointer it can be questioned as a two pointer at times.

One very great feature of the park is that there is a water fountain with three hoses that splashes out some delicious cold water which is perfect for a hot day of outdoor competitive basketball. There is also one light on each court that spotlights the court for the night to the best of it’s ability.

I have been to this park quite a bit and I would have to say that the competition is a little better than average---it seems that everyone that comes can play basketball but I have yet to see people that come to this court and “take over the rock and score at will.” Games are generally played to 16 straight with ones and twos.

Overall I would give this court a A-, it is definitely one of the better courts based on location and quality that I have seen thus far. The only thing that really needs improvement is a slight adjustment on the rims and some hoops are also missing some nets.

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