Donald Trump Takes a Dive During First Debate

Donald Trump Takes a Dive During First Debate
Did Trump Take a Dive in the First Debate?

I was one of those voters who were still hanging on to some thread of hope that Donald Trump wasn’t some sort of Clinton plant and he really was trying to make America great again.   In fact I was actually a disbeliever in Trump and had published an article shortly after Trump announced his candidacy that he was nothing more than a Clinton plant to help fracture what was left of the Republican or should I say what was left of what many would hope to be the conservative party.

Before this first debate I was hoping and praying that I was wrong.  I was hoping that I was simply buying into some conspiracy theory that the Clintons were actually smarter than what people considered them to be and that Donald Trump had the welfare of the citizens of the United States as his first priority and wasn’t’ playing the old Chicago political campaign trick of having a plant, or phony opponent take a dive in order to guarantee a win for the establishment.

Unfortunately this first of three debates I believe solidifies my belief that Donald Trump, as much as I hate saying it, has been and is continuing to work for the Clinton machine.

Some may say that he was simply taking advice from his new campaign management and was more of a kinder and gentler Trump but I don’t believe it for a second.

As soon as I heard that Cyber Security was going to be one of the main topics of the debates, I thought that it was Mr. Trump’s perfect opportunity to bring up how at the very least Secretary Clinton was careless with her use of a private email server to send and receive classified State Department emails.   It was also the perfect opportunity to state that while the sending of classified information was bad enough it wasn’t the main reason that Clinton had a private email server installed.

It wasn’t for convenience. It wasn’t because she was stupid and technologically challenged.  It was without a doubt conceived and executed as a way to try to hide her pay to play schemes from the discovery of the U.S. Government and ultimately from the citizens of the United States.

While there is no email, even a deleted one, that would specifically lay out the price list of what had to be deposited into the Clinton Foundation in order to receive a favorable response from the U.S. Secretary of State (even Hillary isn’t that stupid), it doesn’t take someone who is an FBI agent to realize that when certain multi thousand and sometimes multi-million dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation are followed up with favorable action by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, that something smells fishy.

Heck, I formed a 501c3 non-profit organization two years ago.  I wonder why the Prince of Bahrain isn’t donating to my non-profit.  Of course it makes sense that an Arabic country would want to donate millions of dollars to programs designed to combat climate change, women’s rights and African health care, right?

The problem is that when given the open door Donald Trump did not take advantage of Clinton’s Achilles Heel.  Not one word was brought out concerning the Clinton Foundation.  Trump did mention that he would release his tax returns when Hillary released her 33,000 deleted emails but that is no better than Hillary saying that the Clinton Foundation would no longer take foreign donations if she is elected!

Those emails are gone and the persons who destroyed public records and evidence of political corruption were given immunity by our Department of Justice.

Forgive me if I am wrong and I am but a lowly former local criminal investigator but normally a witness comes forward and states that they have information that will destroy the “big fish” and that witness will present that evidence only on the condition that they are given immunity from prosecution.

You don’t give immunity first and then ask, “What do you know?”  That is stupid in the least and criminal in the worst.  Not one but five Clinton co-conspirators were given immunity in exchange for nothing and let us not forget that the husband of the target met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch only days before the investigation was concluded.  I am sure that is only a coincidence and the only thing discussed was golf, grandkids and family recipes.

No mention of Benghazi, No mention of the Clinton Foundation, no mention of corruption, no mention of the many lies perpetrated against the American people.

He destroyed all of his Republican rivals during the primaries and put on the kid gloves when dealing with his ultimate opponent.   This is what is called, in boxing circles, “taking a dive”

As much as I hate to admit it come November I will be voting for Donald Trump not because I think he is necessarily the best candidate for our country but because I simply cannot vote for a presidential candidate who thinks lack of police training is the reason African American communities are suffering.  I can’t, as a former active duty military member, remember the faces of those brave Americans who defended our Ambassador to Libya and  vote for the one person who could have saved them.  I can’t, as a citizen of the State of Illinois which has been bled dry by corrupt politicians vote for the poster child of political corruption and “Pay to Play” schemes.    I can’t, as a husband, vote for a woman who claims to represent women’s rights and sexual abuse victims but on the other hand spent much of her time as First Lady destroying the reputation of women who claimed to have been taken advantage of by her husband and then President of the United States Bill Clinton who eventually came clean only to get a slap on the wrist after lying to a federal grand jury.

I wish I had the answer for this election but I don’t and unfortunately it doesn’t look good for the future of our Country.  I sincerely pray that God has mercy on us and gives wisdom, guidance and a conscience to whoever wins on November 8, 2016.


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