June 3rd is National Repeat Day! June 3rd is National Repeat Day!

June 3rd is National Repeat Day!  June 3rd is National Repeat Day!
Happy National Repeat Day

Today is National Repeat Day!  So who or what do we honor or how do we even celebrate?  Are there certain things to avoid doing today? All sorts of things come to mind. Why do we have a National Repeat Day and was it approved on the first attempt? (think about it)  Should we have National Repeat day on June 3rd AND June 4th? It only seems right.

There have been movies surrounding the act of repeating such as the lovable Groundhog Day and who can forget the Shining and that famous scene when Wendy discovers what Jack has been working on for so long! That even creeped me out and I like creepy.

All work and no play!

All work and no play!

Do we honor those unsung heroes of the repeat such as the inventor of carbon paper, the photocopier, the instant replay (first used in a hockey game in Canada in 1955) or TiVo.  Do we watch nothing but reruns today? We definitely don't want to host a marathon on June 3rd or have a root canal. Should repeat offenders receive a get out of jail free card today?  Should the parrot be the official mascot of National Repeat Day?  Do we pay special homage to identical twins today such as Vin Diesel and Paul Vincent (The photo freaks me out a little)

Vin Diesel and twin Paul Vincent

Vin Diesel and twin Paul Vincent




In any case, I came up with 10 ways that we can all celebrate National Repeat Day.


10 Ways to Celebrate National Repeat Day

1. Watch the same movie twice in a row (although if you were watching Groundhog Day you would only have to watch it once)
2. Unblock and then immediately re-block all your frenemies on facebook
3. You could call your mom twice today (That would really freak her out)
4. If you are into self punishment you could re-watch the Blackhawks / Kings game 7
5. Actually follow the instructions on your Shampoo bottle
6. Take Lunch twice today (your boss will love you)
7. Pull into a parking place and then back out as if you are leaving and pull back in. (People have been shot for less)
8. Double click your mouse even when only a single click is required (only for risk takers)
9. Give a special shout out to any twins you know
10. Count to infinity twice

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