Where History and the Paranormal Meet - Paranormal Radio Activity WARG 88.9 FM

Where History and the Paranormal Meet - Paranormal Radio Activity WARG 88.9 FM

I would like to introduce everyone to Bob "The Subway Guy" Trzeciak from nearby Summit, IL. Bob has been a life-long resident of Summit and has been a life-long fan of Chicago history and the paranormal. Last Halloween Bob started his own show on WARG 88.9 FM called Paranormal Radio Activity which airs at 9pm on Friday nights and has had a wide variety of guests on the show from authors, paranormal researchers, funeral homes, history buffs, psychics, victims of paranormal activity and commercial haunted houses to name a few. Last night I had the privilege of being invited to somewhat of a divergent show. Bob had met the members of "The Science of Sleep" in a chance encounter outside of a recording studio in Summit. The band considers itself to be a pop/rock/alternative group and Bob invited them to play live on WARG while he recorded them on a turn of the century Edison sound recorder and then played it back over the radio to see what they would have sounded like in 1902. No electricity, no microphones, no speakers, just a large brass horn to capture the audio, the audio itself causing the vibrations that would engrave themselves onto a clay cylinder that can hold up to two minutes of audio. Kids, this is recording the original "old school" way!

The members of The Science of Sleep are local guys from Chicago, Wheaton and Naperville and they are Randy Gorecki (Bass), Gabriel Zunino (Drums), Michael Staden (Guitar), and Robert Biskoski (Guitar / Vocals). They were all great sports especially Robert who had to almost scream and stick his head clear into the brass horn in order to insure a good recording. Actually they played an acoustic version of the song without the recording and one with the recording.

It seemed like the guys had a good time and even though I'm not a music critic (although I do know what I like), these guys were really good! I'm sure we are going to be hearing more of them real soon.

You can visit the guys on their website www.thescienceofsleep.net which has links to their facebook (where you can listen to two of the tracks from their new album), myspace, Reverb Nation, Twitter, YouTube and email contacts.

Paranormal Radio Activity (Friday nights at 9pm) on 88.9 FM covers the southwest side of Chicago from around Midway Airport to as far southwest as Lemont. You can also catch it anywhere as a live stream from their website WARG889.net

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Bob will be back into paranormal mode next week when he has Maria Lopez and Ira Navarro from Berwyn who are looking to move back into their "haunted" house in Berwyn and Rich Prusinski from Chet's Melody Lounge which has a long association with Chicago's most beloved ghost, Resurrection Mary.

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