The "Last Supper Chicago" - #ForgetAboutIt

The "Last Supper Chicago" - #ForgetAboutIt

1978: At 2740 N. Harlem Ave - The site of the infamous Chicago "Last Supper."
Clockwise from left are Chicago mob "outfit" members Joseph “Doves” Aiuppa, Martin Accardo (tentative identification), Vincent Solano, Alfred Pilotto, John “Jackie the Lackey” Cerone, Joseph “The Clown” Lombardo, James “Turk” Torello, Joseph “Little Caesar” DiVarco, Joseph “Black Joe” Amato and Anthony J. “Big Tuna” Accardo.
Great photo, the Chicago Media labeled it, "The Last Supper" photo because allegedly one of the men sitting at the table was dying of cancer.  This dinner was a going away with all of the top Outfit heavyweights present, or the media claims that it was a "making" ceremony for Joey "the Clown" Lombardo, the only man in a suit standing in the back with John "Jackey the Lackey" Cerone on his right side. Closest to the camera is Anthony "Joe Batters" Accardo, "Black Joe" Amato, Joseph "Little Ceasar" DiVarco, and Jimmy "the Turk" Torello! Second row, on the opposite side/across the table we have; Joey "Joey O'Brien"/"Doves" Aiuppa, Dominick Dibella, Vincent Solano, and Al Pilotto. Dominick Dibella, who is wearing the white suspenders was sick and dying and the man on his left, Vincent Solano was his successor. Accardo was considered to be the "retired CEO of the Chicago Outfit, while Joey Aiuppa was the boss over-all, the others were the top men of their neighborhoods the five sections of the Windy City chopped up and distributed amongst the racketteers. Rumor has it that the "G" confiscated this photo during a raid of a Outfit heavyweight or family member and was used against those in the photo by the FBI. These men had Chicago running like a Swiss watch, Accardo was never totally out of the picture, he was consulted on ever major decision. The city was safer when men like this around in most instances and their reputation/name was enough to get certain people "in line"!

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