The Anti Cruelty Society - True Chicago History!

The Anti Cruelty Society - True Chicago History!

We recently had the chance to sit down with Dr. Robyn Barbiers,  President of The Anti Cruelty Society Chicago.

We were invited over to 510 N. Lasalle Street to talk some history and learn more about one of Chicago's greatest organizations.

The Anti Cruelty Society was founded on January 19, 1899 by a group of Chicago residents who had concerns about the treatment of the City's animals.  It's first President was Rose Fay Thomas, Wife of Theodore Thomas, who was the founder of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  The organization (SPCA Of Illinois) moved to it's current home in 1910. They are a private, not-for-profit humane society that does not receive government assistance. Their main objective is simple: prevent cruelty to any and all animals. When the organization first started it was primarily used for the cities live stock including cows and primarily horses that needed shelter and to be cared for.

Obviously, since times have changed in the city the main animals that are treated and sheltered here are felines and canines.  They usually always have a variety of animals to choose from to adopt at the shelter, so there is a nice selection to come and browse for when you are looking to adopt.  The Anti Cruelty Society runs completely on donations from some outside contributers as well as patrons that come and adopt the animals.

It is amazing the facilities that they have to offer from the beautiful upkept kennel areas to the clean and quiet surgical wing.  It was a sight to see for any animal lover.  With that in mind a huge piece of information that we had learned while being there and talking to Dr. Barbiers is that they offer discounted veterinary services for people all over who cannot afford the standard veterinary bill.  All services are posted on their website, but one of the best things was the prices of their spay and neuter clinic for dogs and cats.  It makes it possibe and very affordable to stop contributing to over populating the city with unwanted animals.

The clinic was extremely clean and the staff was very friendly and helpful.  We know this because a few weeks after interviewing Dr. Barbiers we brought our personal kittens to the clinic to get spayed and neutered and it was clean, fast, efficient, and most of all affordable.  I suggest this to anyone who asks for reccomondations for their animals who need any veterinary care.  Drop you pet off and spend a beautiful day in the best city around and then by the end of the day you are able to bring them home.

This miraculous place that sits on a main block of our cities downtown area is something to see.  It helps make the city a better place by keeping our poor animals off of the streets.  The amount of work that the volunteers do everyday is absolutely inspiring.  If looking for a new family member to bring home this holiday season or really anytime of the year, we at Chicago History encourage you to visit this iconic place and bring home an animal in need.  This truly is a staple in our city and helps shape the future of our animal population.

With the Holiday Season here, now is the perfect time to adopt a dog or cat. As Parents, how many times have we heard "Mommy, Daddy, I want a dog. I want a kitty cat." Many times.  Make a trip out and see what The Anti Cruelty Society has to offer!

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