Trivia Team Names

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Brangelina and Jonifer's Adopted Babies Would Kick Your Adopted Babies' Asses
Chimpanzees Love Finger Food
DNA Test Results Prove A-Rod is Cousins with Jose Canseco
A-Rod Has a Small Stimulus Package
Liam Neeson Goes Green, Unplugs Natasha Richardson
Quick!  Someone Remake The Terry Schiavo Movie Starring Natasha Richardson
Willis Tower?  What's Next, the John Suckc**k Building?
Blago Killed the Radio Star
Eddie & G-Rod in the Morning
Bowling with my Special Friends
Geithner's Toxic Adventures
Massive Stimulus Package
I Hate My Job but at Least I Still Have One
Choke the Goat
Get That Pig a Tissue!
Benedict Arlen
Recession Proof
Bailin' Palin
Chris Brown's Backhand and Rhianna's Black Eye
10,000 Lakes, Brett Favre, and 1 Cup
RIP Uncle Teddy
Chappaquiddick Coroners
Nobody Puts Swayze in a Coffin
Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner Swifter than Kanye
The Olympics Won't Cost Daley a Dime
Atlanta Swimming Team -- We Got Out in Time
Hog Wild for Swine Flu
Roman Didn't Pull-Out-Ski
Tebow's Lost Memories
Wife Beaters Shouldn't Make the Playoffs
Blame it on Rio
Do You Know Brett Favre Once Played for Green Bay?
Afghanistan Now More Corrupt Than Chicago
Tom's Rickett's Money Pit
Tiger Bagged That Last Ho
Who's Your Caddy
Pat, I'd Like to Buy a Haitian for $5
What's 3 Feet Tall and Has 1000 Arms & Legs? The Port-au-Prince Hilton (yikes)
Whiter Than Blagojevich
Dear Jay Leno, Please Kill Yourself, Yours Truly, America
Tiger's Therapists
My Name is Kristen and iPad my Bra
I Always Knew DeKalb Had Its Faults
It's Called a Killer Whale
Livin' la Vida Cock-Smoke-a
John Tesh dumped Oprah to Tickle the IvoriesChicago Blackhawks
Kill Sharks Faster Than BP
Gary Coleman Lived a Short Life

Music, Movies, and TV
Cobra Kai
Nightman Cometh
Three Men and a Babe
Starbuck Ex Machina
Spider Pig
That's What She Said
Ziggy Stardust
Hey You Guys
The Next Generation
The Never Nudes
My Harry Potter Has Hogwarts
Dumb and Dumber
America's Got Talent but I've Got a Huge Ck
2 Legit 2 Quit
Wocka Wocka Wocka
The Breakfast Club
I Thought This Was Cash Cab
No Wire Hangers
Judge Judy
Don't Look Back and Bang Her
The Greg Gumbels
Has Anyone Seen My Stapler?
David Carradine Was Nuts for Knots
Sex & Candy
Mr. Sparkle and the Be Sharps
Tom Selleck
The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Team Pantera
Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
We Love Lamp
Ebony & Ivory
Team Edward
Team Jacob
The Situation
Vandalay Industries
Team 2012
Scrotal Recall
Sterling Cooper Holiday Office Party
Team Tobias
Kitten Mittens

The Baracktobers
Barack Also Beats Paper
America's Going Brazilian...No More Bush!
Baracky Horror Picture Show
The Hannibal Hamlins
I'd Rather Have a Trick Knee Than a Tricky Dick


I'll Take Potpourri for $100, Alex
Trivia Newton John
Eat Activia Before Trivia
Potent Potables
Suck It, Trebek
It's Not Small, It's Just Trivial
The Trivia Pursuits

Super Bowl XLIV
Peyton Manning is a Weenie
The Colts are for Dolts
Finally a Bush I Can Get Behind
Super Bowl XLIV: Freddy vs Jason
Touch Down My Pants
Live and Let Addai
We Like Unnecessary Roughness
Don't Ignore My Tight End
I Used to Be a Tight End But Now I'm a Wide Receiver
Throw Your Balls at My Wide Receiver
Good Penetration in the Backfield

Santa's Helpers
Satan's Helpers
The Naughty List
The Stocking Stuffers
The Fruitcakes
The Roaring Chestnuts
The Lil' Drumma Boyz
The Ho Ho Hoes
The Mistletoe Jockstraps
The Wise Men
The Jingle Balls
The Demented Elves
The Pregnant Virgins
Don and the Gay Apparels
The Parumpapapums
Festivus For the Rest of Us
Team Naughty
The Maids A Milkin'
Cheeses of Nazareth

I'm a Luger Baby, So Why Don't You Kill Me
Biathletes Go Both Ways
Biathletes Can't Shoot Straight
Don't Luge Your Mind
You Win Some, You Luge Some
I'm Head Over Heels for the Luge

Just Plain Funny
Goat to Hell
The Muff Cuffs
Sit on my Facebook
A Seal Walked into a Club
Bea Arthur's Pool Boys
Gan Grape
Beer Makes Smart
I'm Doing My Kegels Right Now
Unpourable Mustard
Stephen Colbert's Love Child
Supreme Court Rules!  Supreme Court Rules!
Toads McGoads
The Kurt Russell Fan Club
Ghost of Bill Cosby
Girls with Low Self Esteem
Team Blue Balls
Two Jews Walk Into a Bar
Who's Your Daddy and What Does He Do?
Season Ticket Holders to Neverland Ranch
I Comes Before U
Math Debaters
Sofa King Good
Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap
Gym Slut
S Team D
Purple Monkey Dishwater
Team Chorizo
The Wobbly H's
Bereft of Ideas
Yo Mama
Ginger Balls are Small & Useless
Ginger Balls Shoot Dust
Is It In Yet?
Blue Walls are Better than Blue Balls
Open Up and Say Ahhh
Crotch Waffles
Team Limbic System
I Took Anatomy in Braille
Menopause is Great Contraception
Burrito First -- Abortion Later
One Dad at a Time
Victorious Secret
Animal Junk
Why Are You Smiling?  You're Gonna Be Dead in Six Months
Spooning Leads to Forking
Timmy's Girlfriend Bites
The C-U Next Tuesdays
The Multiple Scorgasms
Schroedinger's Can
The Shoulder Pads
3 Logs and a Beaver
Sparkle Motion
Oscar Wildcats
Furious George
Curry in a Hurry
Muncie Indiana Liberation Front
Sweatpants Boner
We Love Jam Bands
I'm Not a Proctologist but I'll Take a Look
Cleveland Steamers
Touchdown My Pants
I Like Pie
Dees Nuts
Reverse Oreo
Call Me, I'm in Rehab - 588-2300
Sexting with Rex
My Partner Loves the Male Organ
Patty Melt
The Old In & Out
Cake Farts
The Mamma Jammas
Nadal's Balls
Endangered Feces
Tickle My Pickle
The Eight Angry Jesuses
Gilbert Gottfried's Sense of Dignity
Learned Hand-Job
The Last Time D** Got a Piece of Ass, Was When His Hand Ripped Through the TP
My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't
I'm Not Good With A Box, I'm Better With a Joystick
And, in the Lead with...
One Nipple Down
Mortal Cumbat
It's Not Rape if You Say Surprise
Balls Deep

St. Patrick's Day!
Let's Get Ready to Stumble
Tallest Leprechauns
I Always Go Braless
It Ain't Easy Peeing Green?
Want a Little Irish in You? F$%^ a Leprachaun!

March Madness
Rick Pitino Slept Here
Carolina Blue is Past Tense For Carolina Blows
Hoosier Daddy?
The Only Thing Easier Than Duke's Schedule is Your Mom!
UConn Not Be Serious
Kiss My KansAss