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Who Is the Smartest ChicagoNow Blogger Recap!

Who Is the Smartest ChicagoNow Blogger Recap!
So who is the smartest ChicagoNow Blogger?  Now we know. Last night, our favorite ChicagoNow/RedEye/Metromix bloggers and friends came to Rebel Bar & Grill to compete for the title of Smartest ChicagoNow Blogger.  They ate; they drank; they competed admirably.  And at the end of the night we crowned a winner. The three-person team of... Read more »

Who Is the Smartest ChicagoNow Blogger? Find Out Tonight!

Please note: the event will be hosted at a *new* location: Rebel Bar & Grill, 3462 N.Clark St. What: We’re having a trivia night to determine the smartest ChicagoNow blogger!  Not a ChicagoNow blogger?  No biggie.  The contest is open to everyone.  The winning team will get a *cash prize* and the highest scoring ChicagoNow... Read more »

Review: Thursday Night Trivia at Vines on Clark

Once upon a time we had a hard time finding places to play trivia on Thursday nights, but things have definitely changed.  Trivia nights are getting more and more popular throughout the city (there are even some on Sundays!), including a lot of options for Thursday nights.  Last week we ventured to Vines on Clark... Read more »

What we learned at Vines on Clark

A Sea Breeze is made with grapefruit juice; a Bay Breeze is made with pineapple juice.
Questions from our visit to Thursday night trivia at Vines on Clark: Find us on Facebook or Twitter @WeHeartTrivia!

Chicagoans Who Stuck It to the Man!

This June will be the seventh anniversary of the Congress Plaza Hotel workers' strike.  The protesters have been a regular fixture on Michigan Avenue for years after the hotel reportedly cut wages and stopped paying employee health care premiums.  On the sixth anniversary of the strike, hundreds of picketers stood in solidarity on South Michigan Avenue.
We’ve watched as the funny crew at the iO Theater and ChicagoNow bloggers have come out against the proposed building of a hotel and residential complex in Wrigleyville.  To show our support for the anti-mallificaiton movement, we’ve compiled some trivia facts about Chicago protesters who stood up for what they believe in.  Find us on Facebook or... Read more »

This Week's Trivia Topics

Here are the rounds for the trivia nights at Rebel and Firkin & Pheasant this week.  They are romantically themed in honor of Valentine’s Day, so bring a date! At Rebel: 1. Handout: Sports logos (Cropped so you only get a snippet can you name the teams?) 2. Stuff so geeky that if you can... Read more »

Breaking Trivia News From Trivia Host Jeremy

Trivia host extraordinaire Jeremy contacted us with a few updates.  First, there is no more trivia at Jeremy’s old haunt, Grace O’Malley’s, in the South Loop.  But we do have some good news.  There aren’t many weekend trivia nights so this is pretty great: Jeremy’s starting a new trivia night this coming night and every... Read more »

Breaking Trivia News: New Trivia League at Rebel Bar!

If you need something to fill the void of fantasy football, check out Let’s Go Trivia’s new trivia league at Rebel Bar.  From the Let’s Go Crew: Starting February 18th, we will be starting our first trivia league at Rebel (3462 N. Clark). The league will be on Thursdays, six-weeks long, and the weekly results... Read more »

Trivia Tonight at Rebel Bar & Grill!

Start off 2010 right with DJ John and $1 tacos at Friday night trivia at Rebel Bar & Grill!  Tonight’s topics include: the aughts, a celebrity “where are they now” picture round, top songs of the decade, and before and after.  Trivia starts at 6:30!

What we learned at Rebel Bar

Questions from Friday night trivia at Rebel Bar hosted by Let’s Go Trivia: