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What we learned at Schaller's Pump

What we learned at Schaller's Pump
Questions from our trip to Schaller’s Pump: 1. Who is the actor pictured here? 2. What was the name of the Apollo 11 landing module? 3. Besides gin and vermouth, what ingredient is in a Gibson martini? 4. What is the popular name for the painting, “Arrangement in Gray and Black #1”? The first person... Read more »

Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at McFadden's Restaurant & Salooon

We recently headed to McFadden’s Restaurant & Saloon in the Gold Coast to try out their Tuesday trivia night.  It turned out to be one of the strangest and least satisfying trivia nights we’ve been to in a while. The main problem with McFadden’s trivia night is the format.  The emcee (who doubles as the... Read more »

Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Four Treys

We’ve been to a ton of great Tuesday trivia nights (Globe, State, and Rocco’s, to name a few), but this week we wanted to try a new place.  We consulted our handy list of weekly trivia nights and headed to Four Treys in Roscoe Village.  It has its pluses (free popcorn!) and its minuses (it... Read more »

Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at The Fifty/50

Another go at team trivia, this time at The Fifty/50.  Despite what most of my other teammates have been saying, I like team trivia.  It allows for more time to think about the questions as well as more time to socialize with your team.   The obvious drawback is having to socialize with your team (likely the reason the rest of my team... Read more »

Revisit: Tuesday Night Trivia at State

Which is further south: the Bahamas, Bermuda, or Key West? If you said Key West, Congratulations!  You got a point at this week’s trivia night at State!  Too bad you weren’t right. For the second week in a row, we had a big problem with one of our questions.  If you look at a map,... Read more »

Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Schoolyard

Last Tuesday we headed to one of our old favorite trivia joints, Schoolyard Tavern in Lakeview.  It’s been a while since our last visit, and my how things have changed.  New host, new specials, and bigger crowds.  Based on the droves of people there, they must be doing a lot right.  But we left feeling... Read more »

Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Mary's Rec Room

Last Tuesday we played trivia at Mary’s Rec Room where the host insists there is just one rule, no questioning the host, and the crowd consistently breaks that rule.  Ok, so there are a few kinks to work out, but Mary’s is on its way to being a great trivia night.  The specials: $3 Bud... Read more »

Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Victory Liquors

Victory Liquors is like Kam’s (any other Illini out there?): you’d probably be okay if you never saw the inside of it sober.  If you do choose to bravely venture in before 10pm and several beers, Tuesday Team Trivia night would be the time to go.  We’ve noted before that we are not huge fans of Team Trivia, but this bar... Read more »

Review: Tuesday Night Picture Trivia at Brownstone

We’ve played picture trivia at Brownstone before and were pretty enthusiastic about it.  We liked the Asian host (we love anything Asian) and the chance to win plentiful skillet cookies.   Unfortunately, the folks who call the shots at Brownstone didn’t realize that Asians + baked goods are a magic combination and both were glaringly... Read more »

Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at University of Chicago Pub

We’ve mentioned before that we can’t get into trivia at the University of Chicago Pub.  So, one of our readers, Benjamin, a U of C alum, graciously offered to write a guest review for us.  Read Benjamin’s review after the jump! Thanks, Benjamin!  If you ever need two extra teammates, please let us know! Do... Read more »