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Review: Thursday Night Trivia at Crust

A couple of weeks ago we headed to Crust for their Thursday trivia night run by Let’s Go Trivia.  We’re fans of Let’s Go Trivia, which we’ve reviewed here and here, for always providing great hosts and original questions, so we had fairly high expectations.  They definitely delivered at this pizza joint (get it?!), and... Read more »

Review: Thursday Night Trivia at Bucktown Pub

Last Thursday we went to Bucktown Pub for their trivia night.  Bucktown used to be one of our favorites (read our enthusiastic first review here) and we happily recommended it to everyone looking for a Thursday night place to play. But last Thursday we discovered Bucktown’s trivia night recently gained a new host and lost... Read more »

Review: Thursday Night Trivia at Vines on Clark

Once upon a time we had a hard time finding places to play trivia on Thursday nights, but things have definitely changed.  Trivia nights are getting more and more popular throughout the city (there are even some on Sundays!), including a lot of options for Thursday nights.  Last week we ventured to Vines on Clark... Read more »

Review: Thursday Night Trivia at Kincade's

Kincade’s in Lincoln Park runs a pretty standard trivia night on Mondays.  But if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, head back to Kincade’s on Thursday night for their Family Feud inspired trivia night.  Hard core trivia fans should stick to Globe because this is more of a game night than... Read more »

Breaking Trivia News: New Trivia League at Rebel Bar!

If you need something to fill the void of fantasy football, check out Let’s Go Trivia’s new trivia league at Rebel Bar.  From the Let’s Go Crew: Starting February 18th, we will be starting our first trivia league at Rebel (3462 N. Clark). The league will be on Thursdays, six-weeks long, and the weekly results... Read more »

Breaking Trivia News: Changes at Ginger's Ale House

We just got this note from MC Grandpa Richard Burns over at Ginger’s Ale House: Gentle People,   Ginger’s Ale House Pub Quiz is changing. The weekly Quizes with many topics are no longer.   They will be replaced by a trendy monthly quiz with a new master of ceremonies and topics such as the... Read more »

Tonight's Trivia Topics at Grace O'Malley's

Tonight Jeremy will be celebrating the best of the decade at Grace O’Malley’s! TV of the decade Music of the decade Sports this decade Movies of the decade Events of the decade If you run a trivia night and want us to post your topics, email us at chicagoheartstrivia@gmail.com!

Breaking Trivia News: Ginger's Pub Quiz Ending?

A few announcements from Ginger’s: If you go to this Thursday, December 10, here are the rounds: Man’s Best Friend (T or F), Illinois, Football Bowl Match, More Than One Moose, Definitions of a Buried Link, Pictures, and Random Knowledge. Next Thursday, December 17, 2009, will be the last Ginger’s Pub Quiz for 2009.  MC... Read more »