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Ken Jennings Names the Top 10 Super Bowls in Trivia History!

Do you love: a) Trivia? b) Jeopardy? c) Ken Jennings? d) Sports trivia? e) The Super Bowl? If you chose (f) All of the above, you are in luck! Ken Jennings, our trivia hero and Jeopardy’s winningest contestant, has chosen the Top 10 Super Bowls in Trivia History. If you only watch the Super Bowl... Read more »

What We Learned At Galway Arms

Questions from Wednesday night trivia at Galway Arms in Lincoln Park: Find us on Facebook or Twitter @WeHeartTrivia!

Super Bowl Shuffle Trivia!

Have you heard?  Several members of the ’85 Bears (including Jim McMahon, Steve Fuller, Richard Dent, Willie Gault, Otis Wilson, Mike Buford, Mike Singletary, and even Mike Ditka!) came together for a Super Bowl Shuffle reunion!  Growing up in Chicago, I wore out my Super Bowl Shuffle VHS tape years ago.  But, I was so... Read more »

Super Bowl! Colts vs. Saints Trivia!

This weekend is all about the Super Bowl.  We’re bummed that the Bears aren’t there, but we’ll definitely be watching (and eating) (and drinking) on Sunday.  Can you answer these questions about the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints?  To us, there was only one Super Bowl that mattered, but @redeyechicago has got a... Read more »