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What We Learned at Halsted's Bar & Grill

What We Learned at Halsted's Bar & Grill
Questions from our trip to Halsted’s trivia night. 1. What five former talk show hosts all appeared on the same 2010 episode of Oprah? 2. Which European country controls the Canary Islands? 3. True or false, camels are born with humps? 4. The Freedonia Gazette was a magazine devoted to what comedy team? If you... Read more »

Celebrity Graduation Speeches

If you’re reading this blog it’s probably because you are a giant trivia nerd (or my mom).  You may be cleaning up at your local trivia night, but how are you doing in life?  If you’re struggling, this post is for you.  We’re taking a break from posting trivia facts to post some sage advice... Read more »

10 Oprah Facts for People Who Don't Want to Read Kitty Kelley's New Book

The whole city has been buzzing for the past week about Kitty Kelley’s new unauthorized biography of Oprah Winfrey (particularly inescapable is her discovery that O once dated John Tesh.)  If you’re interested in reading her new book, Kitty Kelley will be at the State Street Borders at around noon today.  If you’d rather not... Read more »