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Review: Thursday Night Trivia at Vines on Clark

Once upon a time we had a hard time finding places to play trivia on Thursday nights, but things have definitely changed.  Trivia nights are getting more and more popular throughout the city (there are even some on Sundays!), including a lot of options for Thursday nights.  Last week we ventured to Vines on Clark... Read more »

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Burwood Tap

Here’s a trivia question for you: Where can you go for a free all-you-can eat buffet and a great night of trivia?  Answer: Burwood Tap in Lincoln Park.  Every weeknight from 8-10 they have a free buffet and on Wednesdays from 9-11 they run a fantastic trivia night.  Everyone who is broke and/or loves trivia... Read more »

Weird Hangover Cures

Did you spend your Cinco de Mayo knocking back Coronas and margaritas?  Felicitaciones!  You probably have a huge hangover right now.  Well, we’re here to help. Here are some strange hangover cures that may ease your throbbing head.  Check out our post on myths about Cinco de Mayo! Find us on Facebook or Twitter @WeHeartTrivia!