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Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Wild Goose

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Wild Goose
A couple weeks ago we went to Wild Goose to play Trivia, Teasers, and More, courtesy of host Jason.  First things first, parking was awesome.  We were a little worried that we wouldn’t be able to find spots in Lincoln Square, but Sasha and I both ended up getting spots right in front of the... Read more »

Six Reasons Why You Should Participate in the 2010 World Quizzing Championships

Guest post by our friend and WQC organizer Mitchell.  The event is on June 5th.  Good luck! 2010 marks the seventh year of the the World Quizzing Championships (WQC) and the fourth year that it’s been held in Chicago. The event has grown to nearly 60 venues in 27 countries, with about a thousand participants... Read more »

Snapshots of Chicago

Picture identification time!  We snapped pics of some recognizable spots in Chicago.  Can you name the neighborhood featured in each pic?

Chicago Neighborhood Trivia!

How well do you know Chicago’s neighborhoods?  Take this quiz to see if you know Chicago from Rogers Park to Hyde Park. [Edited: Thanks to Rogers Parker (no apostrophe!).  Comments like yours make the blog better.  Sorry, West Siders!] Want more? Become our fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!