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Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Grand River

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Grand River
Sasha and I were not in good moods when we entered Grand River for Wednesday night trivia a couple weeks ago.  First, we met at Waterhouse for their trivia night, but couldn’t find seats because of the Purdue game.  So we walked–in VERY unexpected snowfall–to the Shire for their trivia night, but all we found... Read more »

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Racine Plumbing Bar & Grill

Last Wednesday we went to Wednesday night trivia at Racine Plumbing.  It’s run by the guys who were behind the fantastic (and now canceled) trivia night at Harrigan’s.  We know a lot of people were bummed when Harrigan’s trivia night ended, so we were pleased to see that the magic is back at Racine Plumbing.... Read more »

New Trivia Night at Racine Plumbing Bar and Grill!

The guys that ran the old trivia night at Harrigan’s Bar have started a new trivia night Wednesdays at Racine Plumbing Bar & Grill. We were huge fans of Harrigan’s, so we have high hopes for their new venue.  Specials on Wednesday include half priced whiskey drinks and $3 Skyy vodka drinks.  We’ll be checking... Read more »

Review: Thursday Night Trivia at Purple Otter

Review: Thursday Night Trivia at Purple Otter
Purple Otter is a bar that celebrates both the University of Wisconsin and otters, meaning we were predisposed to loving it, as we are Big Ten alumni and huge fans of otters holding hands.  The Thursday specials are $3 Vodka Lemonades, $4 bombs, and $2.50 cheese quesadillas.  We were all about taking advantage of food... Read more »

Reivew: Wednesday Night Trivia at Flounders

Tonight we went to Flounders, the new venue for Local Option‘s regular trivia host, Rex.  Local Option canceled their trivia night a few months back, but fear not Local Option fans!  Trivia is basically the same at Flounders as it was at Local Option, just in a cheaper, less classy joint.  Good news for those... Read more »

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Burwood Tap

Here’s a trivia question for you: Where can you go for a free all-you-can eat buffet and a great night of trivia?  Answer: Burwood Tap in Lincoln Park.  Every weeknight from 8-10 they have a free buffet and on Wednesdays from 9-11 they run a fantastic trivia night.  Everyone who is broke and/or loves trivia... Read more »

What's Going On At Your Favorite Trivia Bar?

Looking for a place to play trivia?  Then you’ll definitely want to check out our list of trivia nights across Chicago.  But there are also a lot of great non-trivia events at some of our favorite trivia bars.  Here are some fun upcoming events you might want to check out. We’ve enjoyed their Tuesday night... Read more »

Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Paddy Long's

A little Chicago Hearts Trivia history: when we first started playing trivia, we only ever played at one place.  Every Tuesday afternoon, we would have the same conversation: “Where should we go: Clybar or Paddy Long’s?”“Let’s go [back] to Clybar.” We loved Clybar.  They had $1 tacos, the host always smelled like she just stepped... Read more »

Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Rocks

This Tuesday we headed to Rocks in Lincoln Park for trivia.  It’s been a while since we’ve been to Rocks, but we used to go semi-regularly just a few months ago.  Back then, unless you arrived well over an hour before trivia started at 8pm, you wouldn’t get a table.  You could barely get through... Read more »

What We Learned At State

Questions and answers from last Tuesday’s trivia night at State.