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Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at PitchFork

Talk about having all the odds stacked against him–last Wednesday at Avondale’s PitchFork Food & Saloon, trivia host Sharone had to compete not only with the hottest group of men on ice since The Mighty Ducks 3 (or at least, Joshua Jackson), but also with Cinco de Mayo.  A lesser trivia night would have been... Read more »

Breaking Trivia News: New Trivia League at Rebel Bar!

If you need something to fill the void of fantasy football, check out Let’s Go Trivia’s new trivia league at Rebel Bar.  From the Let’s Go Crew: Starting February 18th, we will be starting our first trivia league at Rebel (3462 N. Clark). The league will be on Thursdays, six-weeks long, and the weekly results... Read more »

Trivia Tonight at Rebel Bar & Grill!

Start off 2010 right with DJ John and $1 tacos at Friday night trivia at Rebel Bar & Grill!  Tonight’s topics include: the aughts, a celebrity “where are they now” picture round, top songs of the decade, and before and after.  Trivia starts at 6:30!

End of the Year Trivia at Market Bar Tonight!

Tonight the guys at Let’s Go will be celebrating the end of the year with trivia at Market Bar (recent winner of our Best New Trivia Night award).  Be sure to study up on the highlights and lowlights of 2009 in pop culture, trivia, movies, music, and sports.  The winners get Bulls tickets! Specials include... Read more »

What we learned at Rebel Bar

Questions from Friday night trivia at Rebel Bar hosted by Let’s Go Trivia:

Review: Friday Night Trivia at Rebel Bar

If you’re looking for something to do Friday nights after work and before you go out, definitely check out trivia happy hour at Rebel Bar in Wrigleyville.  John and Sharone from Let’s Go Trivia have been doing a great job starting new trivia nights in the city, but face quite a challenge getting people to... Read more »

Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Market Bar

Last night we headed to Market to check out a new trivia group called Let’s Go Trivia that we’ve been hearing a lot about recently. The Let’s Go crew told us they were basically just normal guys who loved trivia and thought they could do a good job hosting trivia nights. We were intrigued. People... Read more »