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What We Learned at Halsted's Bar & Grill

What We Learned at Halsted's Bar & Grill
Questions from our trip to Halsted’s trivia night. 1. What five former talk show hosts all appeared on the same 2010 episode of Oprah? 2. Which European country controls the Canary Islands? 3. True or false, camels are born with humps? 4. The Freedonia Gazette was a magazine devoted to what comedy team? If you... Read more »

Real or Fake?

Real or Fake?
Did you know that most American high school students can’t identify Iraq or Afghanistan on a map.  Even worse, only about half of US high school students can place New York on a map.  Wow.  That’s pretty discouraging.  How do you stack up?  We’ve compiled some fictional countries and some lesser known real countries.  See... Read more »

Trivia Host Jeremy's Favorite Trivia Questions!

Last week, we gave you insight into the brilliant mind of a trivia night junkie.  We thought it would also be interesting to find out what the hosts think, so we asked host Jeremy Cahnmann (host of Ranalli’s, Rebel, and Firkin & Pheasant and winner of the 2009 Chicago Hearts Trivia award for Smartest Trivia... Read more »

What We Learned At Galway Arms

Questions from Wednesday night trivia at Galway Arms in Lincoln Park: Find us on Facebook or Twitter @WeHeartTrivia!

What we learned at The Spot

Questions from last Tuesday’s trivia night at The Spot: