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Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Mary's Rec Room

Last Tuesday we played trivia at Mary’s Rec Room where the host insists there is just one rule, no questioning the host, and the crowd consistently breaks that rule.  Ok, so there are a few kinks to work out, but Mary’s is on its way to being a great trivia night.  The specials: $3 Bud... Read more »

Snapshots of Chicago

Picture identification time!  We snapped pics of some recognizable spots in Chicago.  Can you name the neighborhood featured in each pic?

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia At Atmosphere

We like a no frills trivia night.  We’ve gotta get up in the morning, so we don’t want to stay at a bar too much past 11pm on a weeknight.  Especially if the reason we’re at the bar so late is because our trivia host is more interested in being an amateur comedian than emceeing... Read more »

Chicago Neighborhood Trivia!

How well do you know Chicago’s neighborhoods?  Take this quiz to see if you know Chicago from Rogers Park to Hyde Park. [Edited: Thanks to Rogers Parker (no apostrophe!).  Comments like yours make the blog better.  Sorry, West Siders!] Want more? Become our fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Review: Monday Night Bingo at Hamburger Mary's

If you’ve ever thought to yourself: bingo is pretty fun, but it would be so much better if it was more erotic, then Hamburger Mary’s Monday night bingo extravaganza is for you.   Bingo cards cost $5 each and 100% of the proceeds go towards charity.  And that’s just about the only wholesome part of... Read more »