Play City Smart and win a $250 Target gift card!

Tonight at 6pm, follow @TargetCHI to play City Smart, the Twitter trivia game where you can win a $250 gift card to Target!

This is how the game works:

At 6pm, @TargetCHI will tweet out 15 questions.

To play, answer the trivia Qs. Include the corresponding answer # (A1 for Q1, etc) and @TargetCHI handle & ‪#CitySmartCHI with answer.

Points given for correct answers – 1st correct answer gets 3, 2nd gets 2 & 3rd gets 1. Person w/most points wins!

Those are the basics. For all the rules, click here. If you miss tonight's  game, you'll have two more chances to play and win!

Good luck! If you win, remember who sent you there!

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