Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Matilda

Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Matilda

We're always really excited to hear about new trivia spots, especially ones that aren't hosted by the big companies -- which seem to be taking over more and more trivia nights -- so we make it a point to visit the smaller and independently run trivia nights (we support small businesses!).

A few weeks ago, Northwestern student Scott O. emailed us to tell us about a brand new Tuesday trivia night at Lakeview's Matilda that he and lawyer Mark are co-hosting. Scott enticed us with an awesome taco special (3 tacos for $5 and $3 cans of Tecate) and even sent us sample questions, which were difficult but excitingly well-written. We could tell this was going to be good. So, on the day of the big fire at Roy's, we traveled to Sheffield to meet our new friends. We got a late start because of the delays on the CTA, but once we got started we had a great time!

The specials were as promised--the fish tacos were delish--and the trivia was just as difficult and entertaining as the samples. The questions on the trivia rounds were the perfect mixture of stuff that you just know you learned somewhere between 4th grade and high school and you kick yourself for forgetting, math/physics questions you can maybe figure out, and a little bit of pop culture/lotta bit of nerd culture. After some of the rounds, the leaders get prizes! After doing really well for two people and almost winning a round, we got the handout/picture round, where we had to name the cities based on the picture of the largest building in the city.

Here's how poorly we did on that round. We could have answered "Dubai" for every single question on the sheet and we would have gotten the same score. He did include Evanston (Wildcat Pride!) on the sheet, which was pretty much a giveaway for Northwestern students. For that one, we answered "Cincinnati."

The winner of one round gets to pick the topic for a round the following week. The day we went, the previous week's winners chose "reproductive biology," leading Scott and Mark to write a whole round with a lot of questions about twins (and other things). This round really showed how great these guys at writing original and creative questions. We enjoyed it.

The night we went, the hosts did not have any A/V equipment, but they promised us that they would eventually have a mic and speakers. It turned out ok, though, because the room is a small enough size and Mark's voice is totally loud enough (he is a lawyer, after all). Scott was a little quieter, but we could still hear him, and a mic would make it better.

We ended up not doing very well overall, but we were just a team of two playing against teams we suspect were stacked with Northwestern students. Even so, we definitely recommend playing trivia at Matilda.

Oh! Bonus points for Asians (both hosts) running this trivia night! We heart diversity in the trivia scene.

3101 N. Sheffield Ave., Chicago
7:30 to 9:30pm
Free admission
3.5 stars (out of 4)


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  • Hi, folks -

    I am a fellow Chicago Now blogger (Cooler on the Lake Shore). My wife and I moved to Chicago -- her hometown and my second hometown for many years -- almost exactly a year ago. I love Chicago, and I don't feel any voids in my life, save one: Playing trivia was a big part of my life over my last few years living in Washington, DC, and I've only been out to a few trivia nights here and have yet to find one about which I'm enthusiastic.

    I'm happy to discover your blog and will use it as a guide. And if you'd ever want a third wheel for any of your trivia excursions, I'd be happy to join you.

    Bob Benenson

  • In reply to Bobby B.:

    Thanks for your comment and welcome back to Chicago! I hope you find some good places...if you find any favorites, let us know :)

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