Competitive Eating!

Competitive Eating!

This Friday, May 25, at 11am, Japanese competitive eating superstar Takeru Kobayashi will take on 5 Chicago Now bloggers in what promises to be a completely disgusting Italian Beef eating contest. We will post the video as soon as it is available. Watch it at your own risk!

Kobayashi is best known for his hot dog eating skills (he held the world record for 6 years), but he also holds the world records for eating meatballs, hamburgers, pasta, and Twinkies.

To clarify, it's not 5 individual bloggers taking on Kobayashi, it's Kobayashi vs. the Entire Team. He's that good. We'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, check out this Maxim infographic on Scary Competitive Eating Trivia. There's tons of trivia, some of which you might wish you never knew.



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