Meet Michael (aka Julian)

We recently posted about our hauntingly fun trip to  St. Andrews Inn's trivia night.   We were thrilled that Julian, the host from St. Andrews Inn, responded with an email informing us that his name is actually Michael.  Turns out Micheal's fiancee actually prefers the name Julian, and we think it suits him pretty well, too.   So maybe everyone can just start calling him Julian?  Or the trivia host formerly known as Michael?  (If someone from the crowd at St. Andrews Inn could let us know if this actually happens, that'd be great.)

Julian/Michael was kind enough to share some info about himself, St. Andrews Inn, and his super awesome trivia hosting skills.   Read up! It may help you get one of the questions he makes up right!


  • My name is Michael, but I can totally understand where "Julian" may have come from. The owner of the bar is named Julius, and I often harass him during the game and thus probably say his name more than my own. For what its worth, my fiancee read the review and now wants me to change my name to Julian, so thanks for that :P
  • The crowd is definitely some students but also a lot of very loyal and smart trivia regulars. In the last two Team Trivia city tourneys, we've had a 1st place and a 2nd place team - not bad for a smaller place like St Andrews!
  • The three questions I make up aren't actually worth any points in the game - I'm not sure if Team Trivia would be cool with that. Basically, if a team goes 3 for 3 in guessing the ones I made (which is actually pretty tough, as I mix it up a lot), I personally spend 20 bucks to do something silly with them before trivia the following week. Only 2 teams have done it so far. The first went to the local thrift store with me and got a pig on a toilet musical alarm clock. The team that just did it last week is going to be meeting with me for a deluxe banquet at the White Castle this Thursday (this has to do with an earlier question and jokes about White Castle). I just added this wrinkle for my own fun - I like making questions.

Anyways, thanks again and please come back any time! - Michael (Julian)

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