Guest Review: Penny reviews Monday Night Trivia at The Beetle

Chicago Hearts Trivia reader Penny recently went to Monday night trivia at The Beetle and graciously agreed to share her thoughts with us. Thanks, Penny!


It was a decent trivia evening overall, with a nice vibe to the bar (I'm a sucker for a place with a fireplace), a fair number of teams (maybe 12), and no cheating that I observed.  I am not a big fan of wagering and the strategy it involves, however (I think it distracts from the pure white-hot delight of being right or black, abject horror of being wrong), and that probably will keep me from going back.

There were 2 main rounds of 6 questions each.  Categories were given (CTA, Countries, TV), and once the QM read the question, you had to answer and make your wager.  Each point wager could be used only once (so one question had to be a 1-point wager, 1 a 2-point, etc).  In Round 2, points were doubled to 2-12 point wagers.

Two other rounds were a picture round of 12 or 15 pictures with a clue (Singers who have 2 first names or Bands that have names in them--Alice in Chains, Rick James) and a round of random questions with a clue (All answers had double letters in the word--Degrassi High, Missouri).  There were also 2 final bonus questions for which you could wager up to 12 points each.  We, let us say, chose not to go gently into that good night and went out with a bang.

Also, incidentally, there were point penalties for large teams (over 5).  Good range in terms of difficulty and breadth of categories with minimal, "Oh, that's just a stupid question" reactions.

So, my team actually did well in terms of knowing quite a bit, but the wagering hurt us.  We left unsure of how to feel.  We felt good about what we knew but bad about how we did.  Again, so little is clear in life, I look to trivia as an oasis from ambiguity.  This was not that.

The Beetle Bar and Grill
2532 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago
Free admission

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