What we learned at 6 Corners

What we learned at 6 Corners

Questions from our trip to Wednesday night trivia at 6 Corners:

1. This picture is on the cover of what children's book?

2. Who was named GQ Magazine's 2011 Man of the Year?

3. What song's first line is : "To all the ladies in the place with style and grace..."

4. Who was the last NBA player to be the #1 pick straight from high school?

We'll send a copy of the answer to #1 to the first person to comment with all the correct answers!

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    1. Harriet the spy
    3.Big Poppa - nortorious big

    the other's i can't get with out using the internetz. soo..

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    I'll use the previous posts answers as I think they are correct.

    2. Ryan Gosling
    4. Pretty sure its Dwight Howard

  • In reply to Charlie Roberts:

    Charlie- you win! Send your address to chicagoheartstrivia@gmail.com if you want your copy of Harriet the Spy!

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