Tell us some Trivia and win a Prize!

Tell us some Trivia and win a Prize!

This weekend, our very our Sasha Davis got married! In honor of Sasha, a devoted KU Jayhawks fan, leave your favorite piece of trivia about:

  • Kansas basketball,
  • Weddings, or
  • Kansas City

in the comments and you'll be entered in a drawing for awesome Jayhawks merch!
Congrats, Sasha!

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  • Congratulations to Sasha!

    My favorite bit of trivia regarding KU has to do with James Naismith, the founder of the modern sport of basketball who, it turns out, was the men's head coach at the Kansas, and also the _only_ Kansas basketball coach in that school's storied program to have a career losing record.

  • Congratulations Sasha. My piece of KU trivia...

    What member of the 1988 NCAA champs began his KU career as a member of the KU football team?

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