Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Kroll's

A few weeks ago we headed out to Kroll's in the South Loop to try out their Wednesday night trivia night.  I have to give it up for the Sloop.  We don't often venture there for trivia, but when we do I'm always pleasantly surprised.  Charming bars and ample parking-- South Loop, you had me at hello.

We were also pleasantly surprised with Kroll's.  It's a bit posher than your normal trivia venue-- it's got comfy leather chairs, a great beer list, and a menu that goes well beyond burgers and fries.  But it's also outfitted with your standard trivia bars staples: nachos and big screen TVs.   Wednesday specials include $2 off specialty beers, $3 High Lifes, $5 glasses of wine, and 1/2 bottles of wine.

Trivia is brought to you by Team Trivia.  By now you know their deal: it's three questions per round; you wager on each question; there are two bonus questions that can help you drum up extra points.  Last week's trivia was emceed by a guy named Darren who actually recognized us (!!!).   We were pretty pumped about getting recognized (time to quit our day jobs!) until Darren started reading the questions.  Unlike the parking, the questions at Kroll's were hard.  Or maybe we were just having a bad night.  Regardless, we hovered near the bottom the entire night, and since we're now recognizable trivia bloggers, we couldn't play it off like this was our first trivia outing.

Our poor showing aside, we had a great time.  Blog reader Darren knows that we hate waiting around in between rounds.  He did a great job of starting on time and keeping things moving.  He moved on to the next question as soon as all the answers were in so we didn't have to wait around a lot.   Check plus!  Another thing that we loved?  Instead of us coming up to the host to turn in our answers, the host came to us.  Will I sound lazy if I admit that I think this is the greatest thing ever?  Whatever, it was the greatest thing ever, and I think all trivia hosts should do this.  (State, we give you a pass because there are million teams there.)

The crowd was smart and enthusiastic.  The teams were on the bigger size, so bring friends if you are in it to win it.   Prizes are bar swag and gift cards.

Fun, fast, and convenient, we'll definitely be back...and next time we'll bring our A game!

1736 S Michigan Ave
Free Admission
3.5 Paws (out of 4)

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