Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Cullen's

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Cullen's

We were not prepared for the rollercoaster of emotions we felt the Wednesday night we went to trivia at Cullen's Bar & Grill in Lakeview. As card-carrying members of Team Edward, just the thought of going to Cullen's made us swoon. Then we read that we missed playing trivia (and becoming best friends) with Rosie O'Donnell by two weeks!

Sasha and I each called separately to confirm that trivia was on and also checked the bar's website. We were both told that it started at 8pm. So, we got there around 7:30 to grab a table and order drinks and dinner before trivia started. 8pm came...then 8:15...8:30...and nothing. A host-like looking guy was hanging out, mostly chatting/flirting with a table of women at one end of the bar, and with every minute past 8:15 (we usually cut the hosts a little bit of slack) we got more and more annoyed. By the time Stephen Garvey (the host/flirt) came around to hand out the answer sheets, it was 8:48 and we. were. pissed. (To add to our bad moods, we saw a sign in the bathroom advertising trivia starting 8:30, so I guess he was really only 18 minutes late, but we got some bad info over the phone/internet and we were super annoyed.)

Stephen gave us our 6 answer sheets, and we guessed the over/under on how many rounds we'd get through before we had to leave due to the late hour. Not a great start.

Then everything changed.

Once trivia started, it was incredible. There were six rounds: (1) sports, (2) movies -- name the actor/actress that was in three listed movies, (3) audio round -- movie soundtrack songs, name the movie, (4) Literature -- name that book, (5) general knowledge, (6) US cities, and one final question where each team can wager.

One: Stephen's questions are great and each round of 10 questions goes fast. Stephen does not waste any time with song chunks or banter. Our predictions about having to leave early were totally wrong. Trivia ended around 10:30. Perfect timing!

Two: Stephen comes around and picks up the answer sheets from each team! We are getting spoiled after our experience at Kroll's and now Cullen's. We never want to have to bring our answer sheet to the host ever again.

Three: The audio round was really wonderful. There were no technical difficulties, and Stephen played perfect snippets of each song, so that you could kind of figure it out if you'd heard it before. It was one of our favorites in a long time.

Four: The final question is like Jeopardy. You can wager up to ALL of your points. And unlike other trivia nights, you place your wager before you hear the question. It's kind of crazy how much more exciting/stressful that makes the game.

Going into the final question, our team of two people was in second place! Unfortunately, after what Stephen himself called a "wagering snafu" (meaning, we wagered waaaaaaaaay too conservatively for a question that all the teams got right), we fell all the way to last place.

But that's ok! Because Cullen's trivia is awesome. We definitely recommend. Just remember that it starts at 8:30 (or a little later.)

Other details: specials include $4 Harp drafts and 1/2 price wine. First and second place teams get $25 and $50 gift certificates to Cullen's.

Cullen's Bar & Grill
3741 N. Southport Ave., Chicago
8:30pm to 10:30pm
Free admission
4 paws! (out of 4)

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