What we learned at Will's Northwoods Inn

What we learned at Will's Northwoods Inn

Questions from our trip to Tuesday night trivia at Will's:

1. Which Grand Slam tennis tournament changed its surface to Plexicushion in 2008?

2. Who was the first of the six Friends stars to get married on May 27, 1995?

3. According to Forbes in 2011, what is the #1 hardest job to fill in America?

4. Who holds to Dallas Cowboys record for most touchdown passes in a single season?

The first person to post all 4 answers in the comments will win a $25 gift certificate to Bull & Bear (if I can find it) (I know it's around here somewhere...)


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  • 1. Australian Open
    2. Lisa Kudrow
    3. Skilled Trades
    4. Tony Romo

  • In reply to Penguin:

    Nice job, Penguin! Email your address to chicagoheartstrivia@gmail.com and we'll get you that gift certificate right away!

  • In reply to Cate:

    Will do. Thanks, Cate!

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