Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Michael Diversey's

Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Michael Diversey's

Hey trivia hosts, you know those boxes that we stare at all day?  They also come in portable versions that you can take on the go?  They're called computers and you need to start using them.  Now.

Last week we ventured out to Michael Diversey's (formerly Firkin and Pheasant) for their Tuesday evening trivia night and were delighted to discover that trivia host Jeremy had gotten his hands on the newfangled invention that is the laptop.  Let me tell you technology + trivia = awesome.  Like a lot of trivia hosts, Jeremy synced his computer up with TV screens around the bar where he flashed the questions throughout the night.  That's always a nice touch as it prevents people from asking for repeats.  He also did a couple of new things that we'd never seen before.  He tracked teams and scores on an Excel document that was visible on the TV screens, which made scoring a breeze.  For a video round, he played clips of movies that we had to identify.  For people who aren't great at music trivia (me!), this was a welcome twist on the typical audio round.  Three cheers for technology.  We hope more trivia hosts will start bringing their laptops.

Other than those innovations, trivia night at Michael Diversey's is pretty standard.  It's run by trivia host extraordinaire Jeremy, who always runs a fun but challenging night.  Trivia was played in 6 rounds: a picture round in which we had to identify 1980s cartoons, a general knowledge round, a video round in which he played movie clips, a round entirely about Sandra Bullock in honor of her 47th birthday, a martial arts round, and a speed round.  In the speed round we had to name as many of the top 50 TV networks as we could in like 2 minutes.  Can you believe Soap Net isn't on that list?  Me neither. The final round is worth 35 points and you get 5 bonus points if you don't put down any incorrect answers.

The rounds went smoothly and quickly, especially with the help of Excel for grading.  Our only complaint is that the host played the movie clips 3 times, which seemed like overkill to us.

A few other fun details: if your team comes in 5th place overall, you get to pick a topic for one of the rounds for next week.  (Last week it was martial arts.)   Best team name wins a round of shots.  The fist place team wins $75 cash; second, third, and fourth place teams win Michael Diversey gift cards.

Our team actually won the night (cha-ching!) which was especially awesome because it also happened to be the final trivia outing with one of the founding members of our team who is moving out of state.  He was a great trivia teammate and came in handy whenever we needed someone really tall, or Asian, or capable of pulling answers out of thin air.  He'll definitely be missed!

Michael Diversey's
670 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago
Free admission
4 paws (out of 4)

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