Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Jack & Ginger's

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Jack & Ginger's

When Sasha and I looked at the Chicago Trivia Night List to decide where to go for trivia a few weeks ago, we immediately chose Wednesday night trivia at Jack & Ginger's when we found out it was hosted by a woman-- a unfortunate rarity in the world of pub trivia. We were not disappointed. Kathleen is a superfun host, and yay! she's also the host of Cleo's trivia on Tuesday nights.

Trivia at Jack and Ginger's is played in rounds of 10 questions, a nice break from the question-song-question-song format that seems to be taking over the Chicago pub quiz scene. Each round could consist of straight-up questions, or could be a visual identification round, and every round has a different theme, from movies to name-the-MLB-team-by-its-baseball-cap. The questions don't necessarily get increasingly harder with each round, but if you don't know the theme then you're screwed for 10 points. The last round was worth double the points, which is nice because if you're close to the top, then you still have a chance but the teams full of idiots are still out of the running. We like this a lot better than quizzes where you have to wager on the last question, basically leaving the entire game in the hands of the last question.

The best part of the night was when we were asked to name all the states that surround Tennessee, and we happened to be sitting next to a map of the southeast United States. We and  the team next to us, did an incredible job of keeping it cool while we copied the correct answers from the wall.

The staff at Jack and Ginger's was sooo nice. Everyone we talked to had a British or Irish accent, including our waitress, who was maybe on her first or second day of work. She kept saying that all of our food and drink decisions were "perfect" which was kind of don't think you need that kind of validation until you actually get it. The specials include $4 burgers, $4 salads, half price Goose Island beers, and $ "J" shots (Jager, Jack, Jim Beam, Jameson, and Jose Cuervo). The menu is pretty standard pub food. Our cheeseburger and fish tacos were fine, not inedible. I guess we wouldn't go just for the food.

In the end, we got out at between 10 and 10:30, which was great. Our biggest pet peeve when playing trivia is when the night goes pretty quickly, but then the final round somehow takes an hour to grade. Katie is pretty efficient at getting the scores tallied and announced. The prizes are gift certificates for bar for first and second place -- that can't be used that night, another of our pet peeves. We won second place (pretty good for two people!) and gave our gift certificate to our neighbors/best friends from the map question, in our infinite generosity. They would use it before us. Jack and Ginger's is worth returning to, but we have other trivia nights to review!

Jack and Ginger's
2048 W. Armitage Ave., Chicago
8pm to 10:30pm
3.5 paws (out of 4)

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