Review: Sunday Night Trivia at Logan Bar & Grill

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This week we went to our first ever Sunday-evening trivia outing at Logan Bar and Grill.  Logan just opened up this past year, and is run by the same folks who own Northside
in Bucktown.  As an additional plus for me, personally, I was able to
walk there, and even had time to run home and get sweaters for the team
on a chilly night.  Very convenient.

The specials of the night were $4 Fat Tire and $4 Shiner Bock.  Which
isn't that special, since the price of the Fat Tire and Shiner Bock as
stated on the menu was also $4.  That's like going to McDonald's and
having a $1 sale on everything on the dollar menu.  The food is standard
bar and grill fare....decent, but we've had better.

The trivia is similar to what we encountered at Cans.  It was hosted by Whaddayaknow?  Free Team Trivia,
which basically consists of  rounds where you can wager more based on
how confident you are about your answer.  You are allowed one full song
to answer each question, determine your wager, and drop off the answer
in a receptacle at the bar.  There were 2 first-half rounds, 6 questions
each, and we could wager between 1-6 points.  The 2nd half rounds were
also 6 questions each, and we could wager between 2-12 points.  Halves
were broken up by a picture round and an identification round (both
handouts).  There are 2 final questions, which can be worth up to 10
points, but you are penalized for missing them.

We played as the Fringe Trimmers
The trivia itself was all general trivia, and for the most part, was
fun and fair.  The MC had a tendency to ramble incoherently at times
(actually at all times), which sometimes made listening to the actual
questions difficult.  It was kind of like a cross between going to a trivia night and an auction
For example, a question might be "What is the capital of Georgia?"  He
would ask "Hey guys, there's a state, it's here in the United States. 
The state is Georgia.  Georgia.  Georgia is the state.  It has a
capital.  There is a capital of Georgia.  I want to know the capital of
the state.  The state is Georgia, it's here in the United States, and I
need to know the capital."  It reminded me of The Whether Man from the Phantom Tollbooth.  Know what I'm talking about?  No?

We're not sure where we ended up for the night in the standings,
since we missed the last 2 final questions.  To be honest, I'm not sure I
would trust the guy who was tallying our scores (despite his Asian heritage).  We do know that prizes were awarded for the top 4 teams, but are unsure of what those prizes might be.

However, on an extremely positive note, one of the questions was:

"On the show The Office, what is the name of Andy Bernard's a cappella group from Cornell?"

HOLY SHIT!  We were psyched.  It was awesome.  It made the whole night so much better.

It was a fun night, and so far, the only place that serves up trivia
on Sunday night, so that alone makes it worthy of a shout-out.

+ Good question variation

+Exclusive Sunday night option

- Specials aren't that special

- Manic MC


Logan Bar & Grill
2232 N. California Ave., Chicago
8pm to 10:30pm
Free admission
2.5 paws (out of 4)

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