Greatest Fictional Lawyers (Who Are Not Atticus Finch)

This week, law students around the country took the bar exam. If you think you did well, congrats!  If you think you failed, maybe consider a career in acting.  After all, there are lots of roles that would allow you to draw on your legal knowledge. 

Exhibit A: The American Bar Association Journal just came out with its list of the 25 greatest fictional lawyers (who are not Atticus Finch).  Since good old Atticus is in a league of his own, the ABA took him out of the running.  But they were still left with 25 great picks.  Can you guess the top 15?

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  • Where's Brooke Elliott?

  • NO MATLOCK!!!!!!!!

  • Elle Woods!

  • GREAT trivia today! Thanks and have a good weekend.

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