Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Witt's

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Witt's

Prompted by an email suggestion from reader Jacob, tonight we headed
to Witt's for
their Wednesday night trivia.  I'd like to start by saying we won at Globe last week.  And Globe is HARD.  Time Out Chicago says it would make even Stephen
Hawking sweat.  However, just one week after winning at Globe we got last place at Witt's.  It
was pathetic.  Since we had a question about this transcendentalist
writer, I think it's appropriate to quote him now: "I have always been
regretting that I was not as wise as the day I was born."  (Or at least
as wise as I was last week.)

Despite the humiliating loss (why did we pick this week to
pass out our newly printed business cards?!) we had a
pretty good time.  Witt's is super cute, and the food is delish.  It's a
bit classier than your standard bar fare.  (But not too classy- they
still serve tots!)  Parking was really easy.  We all found metered spots
right in front of the restaurant.  The place itself is fairly small and
really fills up.  Trivia starts at 8pm sharp, and by 7:50 nearly all
the tables were taken.

Trivia is emceed by Kevin, who was fun and audible and most
importantly had us out the door by 10:15.  Trivia consisted of 6 rounds:
2 general knowledge rounds, 2 pop culture rounds, a name that tune
round featuring old school rap, and a double jeopardy round of really
hard questions. Not particularly shocking, our team made up of white and
Asian people who grew up in the suburbs did especially poorly in the
old school rap round.  The questions were fun, challenging (obvi) and
there was a good variety.  Despite the embarrassing loss, we thank Jacob
for the suggestion!

Winners get 25% of their tab.  Second place gets to pick a category
for next week.   This week's team chose Lost.  Sadly, there's no prize for 11th place.

crowd seemed like a lot of regulars and there were a lot of great
team names.  We especially loved the Mad Men inspired Team: Sterling Cooper Draper &
Pryce.  I think I spied a few teams over the six person limit, and I'd
like to use that as an excuse for our humiliating loss, but in all
honesty we just didn't have our best stuff today. Which was a huge
bummer considering the high we were on last week.


Drapers weren't the only ones in turmoil this week.

like Don said in the Mad Men finale: something terrible happened, and the
way that we see ourselves has changed.  Stay tuned to season 4 of Mad Men and keep reading
Chicago Hearts Trivia to see if we can bounce back.

Note: This
review was from our visit on November 11, 2009.  If you think Tuesday
night trivia at Witt's has changed enough to warrant a re-review,
please let us know!

   2913 N. Lincoln
Ave., Chicago
Free admission
3 paws! (out of 4)

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