Review: Monday Night Trivia at Bridie McKenna's in Highwood

We've been hearing good things about Monday night trivia at Bridie McKenna's in Highwood, but it's been hard for us to get out to the suburbs there in time for trivia.  So Chicago Hearts Trivia fan and new friend Andy volunteered to write a guest review for us!

Thanks, Andy!  Bridie's sounds super fun, we'll definitely try to get out there.

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afternoon, fellow trivia buffs. It has come to the attention of many
that the trivia reviews posted on this blog cover many of the trivia
nights available in the city of Chicago, but hardly any in the surbubs.
To rectify this problem, I, your special guest reviewer, offer an
exhaustive description of a trivia night which has been going strong for
over a year in the northern suburbs.

trivia night takes place at Bridie McKenna's, an Irish restaurant and
pub located in Highwood Illinois, located a block from the UP-North Line
Metra station for easy access. Street parking is ample, and also free,
up and down Green Bay Road. Before you dismiss this as just another
faux-Irish establishment, of which there are many in the Chicagoland
area, take note of these facts. First, the pub is owned and operated by
actual Irishmen and women, who will gladly offer to get you a cab if
celebrations get out of hand on St. Patrick's or any other day. Second,
they contracted the architecture of the pub out to an Irish firm,
creating maximum authenticity in the city pub, country bar, brewery, and
library rooms, the last of which is the home of the Pub Quiz which
occurs each Monday evening at 7:40.

identity of the quiz host rotates week by week, resulting in a rather
entertaining mix of question styles as the weeks go by. Fortunately, all
read their rounds in a workmanlike fashion, but are happy to repeat
questions if the need arises.

makeup of the rounds varies from week to week, based on input from the
patrons. The topic of one of the five rounds is the prerogative of the
last place team at the end of the night, and another is the prerogative
of the second worst team, thereby giving teams which have a poor showing
an incentive to return. This week the rounds were Playoff Moments
(second last place choice), Gems (crowd choice), Green (moderator
choice), Saturday Night Live (last place choice), and Going Up!
(moderator choice). Visual and/or audio rounds make an appearance about
once a month.

Bridie's Trivia also
features an interesting wrinkle compared to other trivia nights: the
Anticipatory Answer. Before the start of each round, each team writes
down a guess as to what one of the answers will be. For example, in a
category of "19th Century Presidents", most persons would anticipate
that "Abraham Lincoln" would be an answer. Correct answers are worth a
bonus point.

The rest of the scoring
is straightforward. All correct answers are worth one point each,
incorrect answers no points, unless the answer is so hilarioiusly wrong
as to warrant half a point. Score sheets are turned in and graded at the
end of each round, with scores announced as the night goes by so teams
can size up competition, marvel at funny team names, and keep track of
lead changes. All rounds are weighted equally, except round 4, also
known as "The Dessert Round", in which the team with the highest score
receives a free dessert, possibly the apple cobbler, guinness brownie,
or a number of other delectable treats. This round proved frustrating
this week, as your correspondent's team, "Knights of the Square Table",
won every round except the dessert round, in which they lost to "Oil
That Jazz" by one point. The Knights responded to this challenge to
their lead by annihilating Oil in the final round, Playoff Moments.

There is no entry fee for Bridie's Trivia, and the
food specials are wonderful: $4 for a gargantuan platter of Irish
Nachos or a bevy of chicken wings, and an extensive menu of dishes from
both the old sod and around the world. As for the prize, it's a $35 gift
certificate to the establishment, enough to pay for many a pleasant
trivia evening at Bridie's. 


  Bridie McKenna's
  254 Green Bay Road, Highwood
  Free admission
  7:30pm to 9:40pm
  3 paws (out of 4)


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  • Great post, it sounds like a good night!

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