The 7 People You Don't Want to See at Your Trivia Night

We play trivia.  A lot.  So we've gotten pretty good at recognizing the other characters who regularly play trivia.  Here's our list of 7 people you definitely do not want to see at your weekly trivia night.  Did we leave someone out?  Leave a comment.

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Need a suggestion?  Check out some of our favorites: Crew Bar, Aberdeen, Globe Pub, Market, and Firkin & Pheasant.

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  • I would be ok with Ken Jennings if he was on our team.

  • In reply to cmanning:

    Ken Jennings, if you are reading this, please join our trivia team.

  • In reply to cmanning:

    Best post ever!!!! Oh and Sasha trivia question from last night...what is the only MLB team that has never had a player hit 40HR in a season?

  • In reply to Etheridge2:

    Oh god. The Royals? I would have heckled you for sure.

  • In reply to Etheridge2:

    I have two more:
    --The Points Grubber--the person who is terrible at trivia, bogs down the game by guilting the trivia host into giving them points for their not-even-close answers, then gloats about their score.
    --The Team Crasher--the person who tries to join the good teams, contributes nothing, then gloats about the win.

  • In reply to FrostKL:

    Great additions! Agreed. The Point Grubber is the worst.

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